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Propeller stuck - will not come off even with wrench. Any tips?


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Apr 9, 2017
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Jenkintown, PA
I took it out tonight but it was extremely brief. I noticed the XSP wobbling about 20 seconds into the flight so I immediately landed, an erratic landing but a clean one. I went to start up again and the one rear motor barely spun, the other 3 were fine.

So that was that. I went to pack up and leave. As I was disassembling the props, I feel that motor is much hotter, the propeller won't budge at all, I tried using the plastic wrench with no luck at all. It's almost like the propeller fused itself to the tip of the motor(?) I don't want to try any heavy duty tools fearing I'll break the darn thing.

Deflating, I just got this back from Autel last Thursday, this is only my 3rd flight since I got it back. I don't know what the issue is now. I'm not having much luck with this drone.
The outside of the motor is called the bell which houses everything else. You don't want to deform it in any way so using something like vice grips would not be a good idea. I would talk to customer support and see what they suggest. Perhaps when it cools off it might be easier to remove.
Thanks. The motor has cooled off but it's just not budging. I'm definitely not messing with it anymore or putting too much force into it fearing I'll do major damage. I'll have to call Autel tomorrow.
Thanks again
Contacted Autel, decent customer service!
Explained the problem - past problem. They sent a Fed Ex Express label, RMA. Had to pack the drone in the case with the one propeller still on it, no way around it. Case still zipped up.
I just dropped it off, should be there by Tuesday. FAR less painful than the 12 day shipping from suburban Philly to Washington like last month. I'm happy.
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