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Modified standard EVO II prop guards to fit (enterprise) EVO II 640T v2


Nov 16, 2021
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I've been looking for prop guards for our fire department's 640T v2 for a long time. They just don't exist. A major drone supplier/retailer told me they had the right ones and sent the standard EVO II prop guards, which of course don't fit the 640T with the carbon fiber arms and slightly larger motors.

They "almost fit" but I could really only get the front pieces on, but the rear pieces were a no-go. I took the advice of "Drone Rat" from another thread here and used a Dremel tool to modify these prop guards, and it worked.

I used the Dremel to enlarge the "oval" opening on the front pieces, but was having a tough time getting them off once they were popped on. To fix this, I used the Dremel tool to remove some of the thickness of the round wall that pops over the motor...just enough where I can pop them off when removing the prop guards.

The rear pieces were a little more involved. The "oval" openings on the prop guard rear pieces were more "slanted" than the legs themselves, so I used the Dremel to enlarge and open up one corner of the oval....to make it a bit more a straight oval. This allowed the rear piece to pop on easier. I did also (similar to the front) remove a bit of the thickness of the round wall that pops over the motor. The last problem I had was that when the clips were secured against the arm of the drone, it would force/pop the entire piece off the motor. I was able to use the Dremel tool to "round off" or grind down the corner of the clip that makes contact with the arm first. Rounding it down enough allowed it to still clip closed and the inner rubber pad on the clip to make good contact with the arm to keep it secure. I removed a LITTLE BIT at a time. Wouldn't want to take so much off that the clip is rendered useless.

I'll post some photos. Remember that if you make this modification, you NEED to ensure that the prop guard is well attached and will not fall off the drone or interfere with the props. Test it completely before using, and use at your own risk. This isn't a recommendation for you to do this...you're on your own, but it worked for me and now I have prop guards when I could not otherwise. With the advent of the FAA changes regarding OOP, this may be the first step for us should we need to fly over people...now to find an approved parachute system.
NOTE: The label-maker labels (RF,RR, etc) I added after realizing I had removed some of the stamped-in labeling inside the pieces when doing some grinding. Wanted them to be easy to identify when setting up and attaching.

Good luck!
Pete in Connecticut

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