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Having A Problem Switching Cameras 6K to 8K


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Jan 3, 2024
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I tried switching out my Evo II Pro V3 6k camera for my Evo V1 8K camera and the gimble won't initialize. Anyone having the same issue or know how to correct it? I thought the cameras were interchangeable? Anyways thanks ahead of time
I believe that too but if that's the case, then this video made by Autel is misleading
Likely when this video was created, there was no such thing as V1, V2, and V3. At that time, any Evo 2 was doable. Perhaps they should go back and update the video description to clarify.
Question: Isn't the 6K camera the better of the two image quality wise/.... just wondering why you would change it out?
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Unfortunately not for what I need the camera for. I mainly take photos for inspection reports and the 8k camera can produce flawless a 48mgp images where as the 6k only has a 20mgp. The image difference is enormous. I can take quick High quality shots with the 8k 48mgp and can zoom in the photos and see everything where as the 20mgp photos come out blurry and sometimes not worthy of including in my reports. Kinda sad and very disappointing.

Also, the image transmission on the V3 controller is terrible. It's suppose to be improved but it has regressed and is very blurry at times, from what Autel claims is "interference". That's crap what it is, is cheaper materials have been used with smart controller addition to give the drone nothing but a face lift (in my opinion). I've never had a Image transmission issue with V1.. ever. or even with the xstar premium. I've ordered and returned several v3' because they've all had terrible image transmission. If you have a V1 or V2 no need to upgrade.
Autel EVO II v1\v2 gimbals are compartible.
v3 gimbals will not work on v2\v1
v1\v2 gimbals will not work on v3 drones
at least as for now.
I have first hand experience with switching the thermal camera of a V2 on a V1 body does not work. I have others who verified that you can do this and they have done this without issue. All that to say, your mileage may vary when swapping payloads between V1 and V2 drones.

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