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Gimbal tilt pitch pause/hitch

brian bwin

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Nov 17, 2016
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Wilmington, DE USA
Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share an issue that I am having with my X-Star WiFi to see if anyone else has experienced it and also provide the solution when the issue is finally resolved. I have a slight hitch or pause at about 44 degrees tilt of the camera. It is possible some dirt/dust entered but Autel doesn't seem to think that is the case.

  • Camera tilt/gimbal initially stuck at 40-44 degrees, would not move up or down from that point, then freed itself
  • Camera tilt/gimbal now tilts through full range but has brief pause/hitch at about 40-44.
  • There is no noticeable physical hitch, stickiness, or friction at this point when rotating the camera (powered off) manually up and down
Example video from X-Star camera:
Example video external view:

Troubleshooting steps taken per Autel Customer Support:
  • Change pitch sensitivity - no effect, less noticeable at higher tilt speeds but still present
  • Check that ribbon cable is not catching - ribbon cable is not catching or damaged in any way
  • Remove and reattach the camera/gimbal assembly - no effect
  • Install firmware update (not yet released) - PENDING
Solution (pending):
Per Autel Customer Support: "..it is a known issue, and it is a top priority for the next firmware update, and it doesn't require you to send it in. However, I don't have an exact date for when that firmware update is"

I'll update this post when that firmware is released and if it solves my problem (or doesn't)! Fingers crossed...
This was fixed in the 1.2.8 firmware release, but they are no longer shipping with the release.
This was fixed in the 1.2.8 firmware release, but they are no longer shipping with the release.
Bummer... I guess they pulled that release back due to other issues? I'm fairly certain I did not have this issue when I first got the X-Star so not sure what happened to cause it to come up. Then again I was definitely focused more on flying and not worrying about super smooth tilts at first, so possible it shipped like that.

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