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Garbled Voice Alerts


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Feb 27, 2017
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Hey guys; yesterday I was flying with a co-worker who has a Phantom 3. His dji go app was talking to him and it made me realize that my Starlink app has never talked to me. Neither on my Note 5 or my Shield K1.

So I was watching a screen recording from the K1 today, and I noticed that it *trys* to talk to me, but it's a slow, garbled, stuttering voice in the video. You can't tell what it's saying; just that it's trying to say something.

Anybody experienced this, or should I call Autel?

Android App v2.0.2.22
Flight Control: v1.08.20
DSP: v0.01.44
Make sure all other apps are closed (not just running in the background) when running Starlink. This will hopefully avoid any "low system resources" issues.

Try running the app without using the recording app. They may be conflicting with each other (trying to use the same resource).

You may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the Starlink app, in the event that something didn't install right.

If that doesn't work and your tablet is on the "known good" list, Autel technical support might be able to help.
I emailed Autel just now, so we'll see what they say.

Here's a 22 second clip of what I'm talking about:

Also, does anybody know what that "0.0ft" thing is in the upper right of the app, to the right of the battery percentage?
I know...creepy. :D Autel support told me to update all my firmware. I was sure hoping they would accidentally point me to the "new" firmware, but alas, they did not. This firmware doesn't seem to fix the garbled voices.

As for the "Starpoint Positioning System" icon, the other day I came across Flight Records in the Starlink app (underneath the app's startup screen, click Me, then Flight Records). I clicked a record, and wow...I could playback my flight!! And very interestingly, there are numbers in the spot where that 0.0 is during flight. They are counting up during the flight, in feet.
Case closed; I finally got to actually fly today, and sure enough I about wet myself when the XSP left terra-firma and an invisible woman spoke to me. "Taking off now." "The home point has been reset."

I also got some various other beeps and boops that I haven't gotten before. Nice!

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