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Deciding between Evo 640t V3 and Mavic 3t


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Nov 18, 2023
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Posted this on the wrong Discussion yesterday.

Need help!

Trying to decide between Evo Dual 640t V3 or the Mavic 3t. The price point being the main deciding factor for me at this time. With the Black Friday Sales I can get the Autel with all accessories for $5200.00 where the DJI would be around $7200.00. Is the Mavic really that much better?

I have always owned DJI drones but have watched comparisons videos on YouTube and like what I see with the 640t V3.

One question about the the Autel is can you drop a pin while in flight like you can with the Mavic to be able to mark an object or location you want to return to later?

I want to hear from people who actually own or who fly the 640t V3 to see if you are happy with this drone.

Maybe pros and cons in your eyes.

Thank you for any help you can provide.
I'm happy enough with mine to have had two, and I'm now selling one off to upgrade to a Max 4N. It's been perfectly reliable, it's easy to fly and the thermal performance (my main use) has been terrific. The Live Deck has been pretty handy for sending output to a large TV screen for classes to observe. The lack of geo-fenceing was a big thing for me as well.
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