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Customizing Waypoints in the app

Mike Allen

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Dec 12, 2016
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Virginia Beach, VA
Fairly new to the X-star premium and in trying to fly a route consisting of waypoints. I have successfully flown a route of waypoints and have that down pretty good. Recently decided it was time to expand that to include customizing the waypoints (i.e., different flight levels, etc.). I was able to accomplish that only once. Did it using the method described in the manual. Before finalizing the route, i pointed to a waypoint and another screen came up allowing me to alter the height. Did that for each waypoint and flew the route. My second and successive attempts tapping the waypoint accomplished nothing, no other screen appeared and nothing I did worked.

Any suggestions? I'm now convinced that I may have a corrupt app.

Any help appreciated.

I am describing this based on memory, so it may not be 100% right, but I think it may help. I think the manual describes an earlier version of Starlink. I have used Waypoints in all version of StarLink. I thought that they had made it impossible to set the altitude but they made it easier to use. It is not the way it used to work though.
My recollection is that after you created the route you could touch the waypoint on the screen to bring up an "Altitude" dialog. As you mentioned, this is before you hit "Finish". Starting with StarLink, this no longer works.
You can still set the altitude but only after you hit "Finish" and before "Start". Touch a Waypoint to bring up the Altitude dialog. I don't now if it was in the earlier StarLink, there is a "Next" link in the dialog that simplifies checking and setting the altitude for multiple waypoints. The dialog stays up and you can step through all the waypoints easily.
Thanks Tom,
I finally figured it out. I didn't know about the update, as I was just reading the manual. Once I tried hitting Finish and then tapping the waypoints, I was on my way.

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