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Explorer app question


Jun 12, 2024
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I use two Autel drones for various tasks on a ranch to check fences, water tanks, look for caves to explore, etc. The purposes are endless. But one thing that is difficult is keeping track of my exact position in the view finder while flying due to heavy wooded areas and not being able to distinguish the fence lines of one pasture to another from the air. I hope that makes sense.

There is no cell phone coverage where I fly so I try to scroll around on the map in the area of interest the day before to download the map cache so I can use it on site. If I could have it my way, I would have a google earth overlay into my explorer map that has all the fences and waypoints marked like they do in google earth. When I say waypoints, I dont necessarily mean something the aircraft to fly directly to, but something on the map that marks a fence line or water tank etc. Perhaps area of interest points is a better way to describe it. In order to navigate to certain spots or know where I am at while I am in the air, I am having to look at google earth on my ipad sitting on my lap and compare the terrain features I am seeing on the autel sat map from whats on google earth.

I have attempted to use "waypoint mission " but its a poor attempt on my part. By using the waypoint mission, I was able to pinpoint areas of interest to mark fence lines or specific things I need to fly to. When I launched and then opened that waypoint mission, I could see the drone location on the explorer app and where I needed to go, but then found out I could not zoom the camera at all while using waypoint mission. I am not sure what setting I need to change to allow me to zoom while doing a waypoint mission, but that would be useful to know. I can zoom in and out just fine while using manual flight though.

Overall, what I would like to achieve is being able to do something similar to manual flight, but include waypoints on the map that I can use for points of reference.

What would be even better is being able to have a google earth type overlay on the map, but I have no clue if thats even possible.

Any suggestions?

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