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Alligator Eyes filmed by EVO2 w 2 EDC spot lights 3000 lumens w 4 anti-collision lights. Then on the way home, the battery overheats at 152F.

quinn karter

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Sep 18, 2020
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Naples, FL
Alligator Eyes and body seen and filmed in screen capture mode at 1am. Eye reflection picked up by the Spot Lights. Best way to notice animals in the dark. Body is somewhat difficult to discern due to the quality of the screen capture. On the way home you will see the drone overheat to 152F, a warning sounds and I land in the driveway.
I though you guys would get a kick outta this.

Did it overheat because of the spotlights?
Yes. It also had 4 anti-collision lights on the front, back, left, and right. It was ok until I increased my altitude to return home. The altitude drew just enough extra battery juice to over heat the battery to over 153F. Apparently the battery was slowly heating up as I flew, until it hit the 150F mark, when it had about 4mnutes of flight left.
After I landed, I took the battery out, put it in the freezer for just 5 minutes. It came out of the freezer warm, but no longer hot.
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I don't remember off hand, but are you using the Foxfury saddle? I would try another flight in similar conditions without the spotlights and see if it runs hot again. It's hard to imagine body mounted strobes generating that much heat, but process of elimination....

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