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  1. IDPdrones

    First commercial roof shoot. Looking for advise.

    As the title says this is my first paid shoot. I’m a newbie who comes from the construction world. I figured starting my drone business with roofs would be a plus for me since I’ve been on 100’s of roofs and am very familiar with construction. There is a ton that goes into this. New...
  2. Beauknows481

    New to forum. Autel owner since April 2021.

    After almost 5 years and 7 DJI drones, I purchased an Evo II Pro last April and I'm extremely happy with the decision.
  3. quinn karter

    Alligator Eyes filmed by EVO2 w 2 EDC spot lights 3000 lumens w 4 anti-collision lights. Then on the way home, the battery overheats at 152F.

    Alligator Eyes and body seen and filmed in screen capture mode at 1am. Eye reflection picked up by the Spot Lights. Best way to notice animals in the dark. Body is somewhat difficult to discern due to the quality of the screen capture. On the way home you will see the drone overheat to 152F, a...
  4. Satans-MIlkman

    Evo 2 Pro camera

    Does anyone have a good video that explains the camera settings on the EVO2 Pro and how to use them properly? I am not a camera pro just a electrical engineer, attempting to learn a new skill.
  5. skrano

    Evo 2 Pro + Snow

    It's time to show my works. Somewhere in Italy (North Italy) (@)franc_rizz on ig.