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  1. V

    X-star premium for sale

    Posting to see if anyone is interested in buying an x-star premium in great condition with multiple batteries.
  2. D

    X-Star Premium Bundle

    Looking to sell my X-Star Premium and accessories. Just don’t have the time to fly it any more. Everything is in perfect working condition and has never been crashed. Check it out! Autel X-Star Premium Drone
  3. M

    Luxury Real Estate sales filmed with the X-Star

    With all the negative comments about the X-Star in recent months, I'd thought I would share a recent corporate project featuring aerials filmed with my X-Star Premium: My next shoot will feature filming with a Miija Sphere 360 camera attached to the X-Star. This bird continues to pay for...
  4. joshmentele

    X-Star/XSP Shells, Landing Gear, Screw Set, etc.

    I have up for sale a used shell, landing gear, screw set, and assembly manual for an Autel X-Star or XSP drone. The top portion of the shell is damaged with a small crack near the back left motor. The bottom shell and landing gear are in good condition with only minor scratches. Included with...
  5. joshmentele

    Autel X-Star Shell + Landing Gear

    I have up for sale a used shell and landing gear for an Autel X-Star drone. The top portion of the shell is damaged with a crack near the back left motor (see the attached picture). The bottom shell and landing gear are in good condition with some minor scratches. Included with the shell are the...
  6. joshmentele

    Sold: Autel X-Star Premium

    I have for sale another Autel X-Star premium. This one is in pristine condition as I just had the shell replaced. There is only one problem: a piece of plastic is chipped in the battery bay. It doesn't affect the drone at all. A picture is attached showing the damage. Included with the drone...
  7. joshmentele

    For Sale: Autel X-Star Premium

    I have an Autel X-Star Premium for sale in excellent condition, no cracks/scuffs, never crashed. Both the drone and controller are in excellent condition. Included with the drone is the controller, 4 props (2 have scuff marks on them), battery (less than 20 flights on it), hard case (not shown...
  8. QuadSquad

    Still on the fence with brand of choice?

    Take a look at this, if you're undecided between DJI, or Autel.
  9. Delta Blue

    Fun on a Tennis Court

    I was out testing the new FW some more today and during a routine flight pattern over the tennis court I caught these young people exercising. They seem to be young ladies to me but I am not sure as it was from 200 feet or thereabouts: Note: One thing I definitely noticed was that during way...
  10. Delta Blue

    X-Star Featured Article

    New featured article from TechRepublic featuring the X-Star in case you have not seen it yet: How to create stunning cinematic video with your drone
  11. Delta Blue

    One of the Best Five Drones

    I don't know if this has been shared here yet, but it was nice to see that the X-Star is called one of the best five drones a person can buy:
  12. Delta Blue

    Colorado Monument Panoramic

    I flew about 300 feet AGL and created a stitched image from my flight, just north of the Monument.
  13. Jason Hall

    Hello From Cuenca, Ecuador

    Hello everyone, I'm originally from San Francisco, California, but I've lived in Ecuador for about 15 years. I love all things RC and I have a YouTube channel dedicated to the RC hobby called "The RC Cave" The X-Star is my first real GPS drone and I've had a blast flying it (I've done some RC...
  14. Delta Blue

    Fun at Pop Warner

    I was flying near a Pop Warner Football park so I had a bit of fun there with the X-Star. All settings on auto.
  15. Delta Blue

    Today's Sunrise

    I have been lucky to find favorable flying days the last couple weeks especially, and have done a lot of testing at the park nearby. What an excellent machine, the X-Star! I finally got to do more than just test today, and felt like taking advantage of the warm, calm weather to capture the...
  16. Delta Blue

    Finally First Premium Video

    The weather finally thawed and went above freezing since I got this X-Star for Christmas, and before the winds with the new front moving in got too high today I had a window in which to fly. I took Pumpkin One to the park and easily added several waypoints and happily let the machine do the...
  17. clackey

    Autel will pay customers to take the part 107

    Autel Robotics announced that it will cover the cost for its customers who take (and pass) the Federal Aviation Administration’s Remote Pilot Knowledge Test. Autel drone operators who submit a proof of a qualified X-Star series drone purchase and proof of a passing result on the FAA’s knowledge...