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    Evo II Enterprise Flyaway

    We recently experienced a flyaway of our Evo II Enterprise V2 with the RTK module. The Evo was running the latest firmware (2.3.23) and was in a fully autonomous flight mode. We have been using this unit for the last nine months with no issues, except those issues introduced with Autel's...
  2. Y

    Evo II Enterprise with RTK and Extras not for Sale

    Plans change.
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    Beware V2 2.3.8 Firmware - Polygonal Missions

    Beware the V2 2.3.8 firmware release. I upgraded to 2.3.8 a few weeks ago. I use the Evo II Pro with RTK for mapping. The issues I am experiencing with the new firmware include the following: Neither the rinex file nor the timestamp.mrk file is generated when using the RTK module. Prior to...
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    RTK not ready

    When I attach the RTK module & log in to the RTK network, I get ‘login successful’ and everything in the RTK diagnosis checks green. It displays lat/long coordinates, but the ‘RTK not ready’ warning still shows up. It seems to me like everything should be good for the flight to occur, but when I...
  5. M

    RTK calls base station 200 km away!?

    I can get the RTK to work, but the correction date it is getting is from a base station that is 200 km away and the accuracy is only about 40-60 cm. There are correction data available from base stations much closer - less than 20-30 km. Why is it not getting correction data from the closest...
  6. F

    Issues connecting to NTRIP for RTK network (iphone/android/ipad)

    Hi, I have been trying to get RTK up and running over in Japan, and we're having problems depending on the device we're using. On an iPad, I don't get any choices for selecting a mountpoint. On an Andriod, I get the "get mount point fail" error message. On iPhone, I was able to get through...