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  1. C

    Difference between enterprise and EVO II Pro RTK

    Can someone please provide some context on the difference between the EVO II pro RTK VS The enterprise version? Furthermore, what are the main differences between the EVO II pro RTK compared to the standard EVO II pro. Could use All the help I can get
  2. E

    How can I use the top type c connector

    Hey,I want to use the type c that exist on top of the drone, how can I use it or enable it? And what are the functions that it can do? I would like to know if there is any kind of manual or guide for how to use the type c Thank you very much
  3. redleger

    Aftermarket RTK compatible with EVO 2 Pro?

    So as the title says, I'm looking for a cheap skate option to get higher accuracy so I can begin mapping accurately. I've seen some after market options for DJI doing some searching, but could find nothing for Autel. Am I spinning my wheels? I don't have the funds for a Thermal, NIR, and RTK...
  4. R

    Evo II Enterprise Flyaway

    We recently experienced a flyaway of our Evo II Enterprise V2 with the RTK module. The Evo was running the latest firmware (2.3.23) and was in a fully autonomous flight mode. We have been using this unit for the last nine months with no issues, except those issues introduced with Autel's...
  5. Y

    Evo II Enterprise with RTK and Extras not for Sale

    Plans change.
  6. R

    Beware V2 2.3.8 Firmware - Polygonal Missions

    Beware the V2 2.3.8 firmware release. I upgraded to 2.3.8 a few weeks ago. I use the Evo II Pro with RTK for mapping. The issues I am experiencing with the new firmware include the following: Neither the rinex file nor the timestamp.mrk file is generated when using the RTK module. Prior to...
  7. R

    RTK not ready

    When I attach the RTK module & log in to the RTK network, I get ‘login successful’ and everything in the RTK diagnosis checks green. It displays lat/long coordinates, but the ‘RTK not ready’ warning still shows up. It seems to me like everything should be good for the flight to occur, but when I...
  8. M

    RTK calls base station 200 km away!?

    I can get the RTK to work, but the correction date it is getting is from a base station that is 200 km away and the accuracy is only about 40-60 cm. There are correction data available from base stations much closer - less than 20-30 km. Why is it not getting correction data from the closest...
  9. F

    Issues connecting to NTRIP for RTK network (iphone/android/ipad)

    Hi, I have been trying to get RTK up and running over in Japan, and we're having problems depending on the device we're using. On an iPad, I don't get any choices for selecting a mountpoint. On an Andriod, I get the "get mount point fail" error message. On iPhone, I was able to get through...