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  1. Rafael

    Lite + Problem with video

    Hi everyone . Does anyone have a problem in lite plus with strange brightening and dimming in dark fields in 4K Video mode. 60 fps. Yesterday I noticed it. Thank you for your help.
  2. J

    SOLD: Autel Evo Lite+ Premium Bundle w/ Hard Case

    I've literally flown this twice. I just have too many drones and need to make room in the closet. It makes pretty pictures and video, but it's kind of the odd man out and needs to go to someone who'll fly it more. It's in great condition (as you'd expect for a drone with so little use) and...
  3. T

    iPhone charging problem

    I have a problem with my evo lite +, when I connect lighting cable from my iPhone, my phone start charging, then Remote controller make beep and phone charging is off. All other services work perfectly, but my phone is not charging. How I can solve this problem?
  4. Coleman_A

    AEB settings

    Hi, I would just like to let Autel know that I want to be able to shoot AEB shots with custom camera settings. In auto mode it always shoots ISO100, F2.8, and shutter ranging from 1/1700 to 1/400. This extremely short shutter is creating a lot more noise and softer focus then my Phantom4Pro...
  5. Coleman_A

    AEB weird exposure with Vertical line

    Has anyone else come across this exposure issue when shooting brackets? This has been happening in high contract situations with the setting sun after the latest update version V1.2.16 on some frames there are 2 separate exposure levels that meet in the middle and create a harsh vertical line in...