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evo 2 pro

  1. J

    Evo II Pro 6K Rugged Bundle For sale €1500

    I am selling Autel EVO II Pro up to 6K, 1" camera, f2.8 to f11 manual aperture range and a max ISO 12,800 offers exceptional precision and sharpness, HDR. Possibility of interchangeable cameras, level 8 wind resistance, without Geo zones, the complete opposite of DJI. Omnidirectional sensors...
  2. D

    New Bird On the Way.....unfortunately!

    New bird on the way. But not the way I wanted to purchase it! Crashed my mini 2 into the water today! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Upside it wasn't in long and I'v heard about them drying out and being okay. But at least now I will have the bird I want and will need for this bigger jobs. Lesson learned...
  3. S

    SOLD: $1397 - Autel Evo 2 Pro 6k, 1 Battery, Controller with Alientech Pro 2.4 Amplified Booster, Charger, Autel Carry Bag

    Hi, Price: $1397. Paypal only. Will Ship via FedEX, UPS, or USPS - your choice. Signature confirmation will be included. Condition: Great condition. See pics. There are a couple of scuff marks on the body - and at the bottom of the gimbal from the gimbal cover sliding on/off. One of the rubber...
  4. J

    Colour issues

    Dear all, After much research I decided to get the Autel evo 2 pro. I would like your help if it's possible. I took some test photos today (raw photos / log), but when I open them in the lightroom the settings are not at zero as was with the mavic air I had. Especially with white balance...
  5. Bigdz

    Exploring The Coast Around Davenport

    After considering selling my Evo2 Pro. I decided to just keep it. I’m still amazed by the quality of the camera. It’s just all the other things that make it tough to swallow. Anyway, I hope you enjoy.
  6. S

    SOLD: Autel Evo II Pro 6K with On the Go Bundle + ND Filters - Never Flown / Open Box

    I'm selling my Autel Evo 2 Pro 6K with On the Go Bundle and set of ND Filters, two sets of low noise propellers, and two sets of regular propellers - that I purchased Mid-Dec 2020. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I never got a chance to fly it - and now need to sell it. The purchase was...
  7. T

    Evo 2 Pro Gimbal suddenly jerks up and goes crooked, is unresponsive until I land and re calibrate

    I've only flown it 4 times before this happened, prior to that I'd had no issues. When I am trying to pan down to 90 degrees, it suddenly jerks up to level, but it is crooked and it jerks as if it is trying to correct itself. This wasn't happening until I updated to the latest software. I've...
  8. UAV8 Drones

    SUMMER 2020 | Canton of Zürich | SWITZERLAND

    Greetings from Switzerland
  9. C

    AUTEL EVO II PRO Central California 1,000

    AUTEL EVO II PRO Lightly used EVO 2 for sale. Less than 15 flights. Way more drone than I needed. I would like to get 1,000 for the drone. I am located in central California. The drone comes with: 1 Custom Carrying case 1 EVO 2 intelligent battery 1 EVO 2 Battery Charger 1 EVO 2 Remote...
  10. TN Drone Services

    Shot with the Evo II Pro and Newest Firmware

    I've often read that it's hard to get smooth movement out of the Evo II. This was all shot in manual and with manual controls with the latest firmware as of last Friday. I think it came out pretty smooth. The only scene not shot with the Evo II Pro was the last scene with the graphic overlay...
  11. E

    Upgrade to E2P - ATTI mode?

    Hello, I am thinking of moving to the E2P from the M2P. I really don't care for the 6k video. What I do care for is: 1. 40 Minute battery life 2. No NFZ. I'm tired of the geofencing even in areas they are not listed. I've had the M2P go into a fit while flying over my own property a couple...

    West of Ireland with Autel Evo 2 pro