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evo 2

  1. T

    camera folders

    is there a way for me to have photos taken in different modes such as single and AEB be sorted into separate folders then just dumped into one folder on the autel evo 2?
  2. L

    Can the Android SDK be used on the secondary remote controller?

    I am now doing the secondary development for AUTEL EVO II dual v1.0. I found that the waypoint function for EVO II has not been implemented in the sample code. Considering this huge workload cannot be implemented in several days, I am considering using the dual controller scheme. That is, the...
  3. D

    Autel , I've had enough!

    Autel, I've had enough! I've had Evo 2 pro V1 now for over 2 years, and to be honest, I see a huge potential with this drone. I like a lot of things about it, but since day 1 there were constant issues with it. I understand that Autel is still young in drone production, and that there have to...
  4. rymianek

    Evo v2 Range Problem

    Hello As you know, Autel Pro v2 has a worse range than v1. Will changing the settings in image transsmision improve the range? 2.4 instead of 5.8? Can it be set permanently or every time after reboot?
  5. A

    Autel Evo II Pro V2 neewbie

    Good day to you all. I've come to the orange side after my Yuneec Typhoon H suffered catastrophic damage after what is presumed to have been a bird strike. I've got the fly more combo and since late June racked up 10, 10 and 9 discharges on each battery. I'm using my android phone as the screen...
  6. S

    Battery goes dead after a full charge

    Hello, tonight I went out to fly at a local spot that I've flown many times before and my drone ended up in the water. Well I was able to get it close enough to shore to jump in and catch it but it still got wet. The battery I put in was fully charged and at 100% at take off. Maybe 5 minutes...
  7. A

    Evo 3 coming in 2022 (maybe). What will this mean for the Evo 2?

    So, I know for a fact i won't get certain answers from any of you because you're not oracles and you can't guess the future, but considering Autel's history, what do you think will happen when the Evo 3 launches? In an interview with Ken Heron, Maxwell Lee, the General Manager of Autel Robotics...
  8. A

    EVO 2 Crash while Dynamic Tracking

    I was impressed with how a previous Evo 2 Pro test unit I had performed, but taking my new Evo 2 for a dynamic track mission, my heart skipped a beat. This happened: The drone crashed into a tree . Luckily, the impact zone was an arm, and it folded. The only damages I can see are two...
  9. K

    Autel smart controller for EVO II

    Functions: Has a 7.9-inch "smart controller" Provide high-definition real-time image transmission. Equipped with a 2000nit display, still clear in bright light 4.5h Ultra-long battery life (3 hours at maximum brightness) The Autel intelligent controller is designed for use on the EVO II...
  10. J

    Evo II Pro Orbit based on Map Point

    I am trying to figure out how to do an Orbit around a predetermined (and replicatable) map point instead of setting the orbit point based on drone location. I’ve seen videos and threads where you could do it with the Evo 1 but can’t seem to find anything about it on the Evo II. Thanks!
  11. C

    AUTEL EVO II PRO Central California 1,000

    AUTEL EVO II PRO Lightly used EVO 2 for sale. Less than 15 flights. Way more drone than I needed. I would like to get 1,000 for the drone. I am located in central California. The drone comes with: 1 Custom Carrying case 1 EVO 2 intelligent battery 1 EVO 2 Battery Charger 1 EVO 2 Remote...
  12. D

    Autel EVO controller adapter for different size displays

    Finally a 3D printed adapter that will allow the user to pick the mount. The 1/4-20 thread size is standard for tripod mounts. That allows you to either choose a phone size or tablet size without having to disassemble the entire mount. I uploaded the file on Thingiverse Link to Thingiverse file
  13. quinn karter

    EVO 2 series Battery overheat, overheating, power failure

    TWICE, my 1st Evo 2 pro then my second Evo 2 pro overheated and the power failed. The Drones simply shut off and fell to the ground. The flight logs show a sudden loss of data or information as the power shut off. The descent or crash wasn't recorded on both drones. I live in Florida. Temps and...
  14. Volatus Drones

    Now Accepting Pre-Orders for the EVO2 PRCS Elite Charging System

    Starting the week of September 14, 2020 we will begin shipping pre-orders of the first production run of the highly anticipated EVO2 PRCS Elite Charging System by Colorado Drone Chargers. Anyone who has used a Colorado Drone Charger knows what a game changer they are for staying charged all day...