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evo 2

  1. D

    Autel , I've had enough!

    Autel, I've had enough! I've had Evo 2 pro V1 now for over 2 years, and to be honest, I see a huge potential with this drone. I like a lot of things about it, but since day 1 there were constant issues with it. I understand that Autel is still young in drone production, and that there have to...
  2. rymianek

    Evo v2 Range Problem

    Hello As you know, Autel Pro v2 has a worse range than v1. Will changing the settings in image transsmision improve the range? 2.4 instead of 5.8? Can it be set permanently or every time after reboot?
  3. A

    Autel Evo II Pro V2 neewbie

    Good day to you all. I've come to the orange side after my Yuneec Typhoon H suffered catastrophic damage after what is presumed to have been a bird strike. I've got the fly more combo and since late June racked up 10, 10 and 9 discharges on each battery. I'm using my android phone as the screen...
  4. S

    Battery goes dead after a full charge

    Hello, tonight I went out to fly at a local spot that I've flown many times before and my drone ended up in the water. Well I was able to get it close enough to shore to jump in and catch it but it still got wet. The battery I put in was fully charged and at 100% at take off. Maybe 5 minutes...
  5. A

    Evo 3 coming in 2022 (maybe). What will this mean for the Evo 2?

    So, I know for a fact i won't get certain answers from any of you because you're not oracles and you can't guess the future, but considering Autel's history, what do you think will happen when the Evo 3 launches? In an interview with Ken Heron, Maxwell Lee, the General Manager of Autel Robotics...
  6. A

    EVO 2 Crash while Dynamic Tracking

    I was impressed with how a previous Evo 2 Pro test unit I had performed, but taking my new Evo 2 for a dynamic track mission, my heart skipped a beat. This happened: The drone crashed into a tree . Luckily, the impact zone was an arm, and it folded. The only damages I can see are two...
  7. K

    Autel smart controller for EVO II

    Functions: Has a 7.9-inch "smart controller" Provide high-definition real-time image transmission. Equipped with a 2000nit display, still clear in bright light 4.5h Ultra-long battery life (3 hours at maximum brightness) The Autel intelligent controller is designed for use on the EVO II...
  8. J

    Evo II Pro Orbit based on Map Point

    I am trying to figure out how to do an Orbit around a predetermined (and replicatable) map point instead of setting the orbit point based on drone location. I’ve seen videos and threads where you could do it with the Evo 1 but can’t seem to find anything about it on the Evo II. Thanks!
  9. C

    AUTEL EVO II PRO Central California 1,000

    AUTEL EVO II PRO Lightly used EVO 2 for sale. Less than 15 flights. Way more drone than I needed. I would like to get 1,000 for the drone. I am located in central California. The drone comes with: 1 Custom Carrying case 1 EVO 2 intelligent battery 1 EVO 2 Battery Charger 1 EVO 2 Remote...
  10. D

    Autel EVO controller adapter for different size displays

    Finally a 3D printed adapter that will allow the user to pick the mount. The 1/4-20 thread size is standard for tripod mounts. That allows you to either choose a phone size or tablet size without having to disassemble the entire mount. I uploaded the file on Thingiverse Link to Thingiverse file
  11. quinn karter

    EVO 2 series Battery overheat, overheating, power failure

    TWICE, my 1st Evo 2 pro then my second Evo 2 pro overheated and the power failed. The Drones simply shut off and fell to the ground. The flight logs show a sudden loss of data or information as the power shut off. The descent or crash wasn't recorded on both drones. I live in Florida. Temps and...
  12. Empire Drone

    Now Accepting Pre-Orders for the EVO2 PRCS Elite Charging System

    Starting the week of September 14, 2020 we will begin shipping pre-orders of the first production run of the highly anticipated EVO2 PRCS Elite Charging System by Colorado Drone Chargers. Anyone who has used a Colorado Drone Charger knows what a game changer they are for staying charged all day...