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  1. joshmentele

    To Anyone Experiencing Horizon Tilt...

    The problem (or what is left of it) is not unique to Autel Evo users. My DJI Mavic Pro (original) has the problem as well. It usually happens when the drone is turning or it is a windy day. Here is a video showing the problem on the Mavic: The first part of the video is slower maneuvers...
  2. W

    Horizon Tilt FIX!

    Looks like we are nearing the update everyone was hoping for! A horizon tilt fix!
  3. D

    X-Star Premium Bundle

    Looking to sell my X-Star Premium and accessories. Just don’t have the time to fly it any more. Everything is in perfect working condition and has never been crashed. Check it out! Autel X-Star Premium Drone
  4. M

    Luxury Real Estate sales filmed with the X-Star

    With all the negative comments about the X-Star in recent months, I'd thought I would share a recent corporate project featuring aerials filmed with my X-Star Premium: My next shoot will feature filming with a Miija Sphere 360 camera attached to the X-Star. This bird continues to pay for...
  5. chris010572

    AUTEL Accessories FOR SALE - 3 Batteries & 1 Charger - ITELITE dbs range extender

    --------------------------------------- 1ST ITEM FOR SALE --------------------------------------- Accessories to fit the Autel X Star & X Star Premium models. * 3 Autel batteries * 1 Autel charger * 2 original battery boxes * Carry case These are OEM Autel brand items in excellent condition...
  6. joshmentele

    X-Star/XSP Shells, Landing Gear, Screw Set, etc.

    I have up for sale a used shell, landing gear, screw set, and assembly manual for an Autel X-Star or XSP drone. The top portion of the shell is damaged with a small crack near the back left motor. The bottom shell and landing gear are in good condition with only minor scratches. Included with...
  7. D

    X-Star still out of stock???

    New member here, I've been watching the Autel X-Star premium since before Christmas on their website and they've been out of stock ever day! Dose anyone know when they will be back in stock? Or why they've been out for almost 2mounths now?? I'm dying to get my hands on it!
  8. joshmentele

    CES 2018

    Autel just released this new video for CES 2018. At the end they tease the outline of a new drone. Looks pretty cool!!!
  9. joshmentele

    Autel X-Star Shell + Landing Gear

    I have up for sale a used shell and landing gear for an Autel X-Star drone. The top portion of the shell is damaged with a crack near the back left motor (see the attached picture). The bottom shell and landing gear are in good condition with some minor scratches. Included with the shell are the...
  10. joshmentele

    Share Your Vision Contest

    I recently entered some footage from my XSP in Autel's photography contest that ended last week. Here is the picture I uploaded. I doubt I will win anything, but it was worth a chance. Did any of you guys enter in the contest?
  11. wrdavis57

    Dolly Sods Wilderness, Cannan Valley West Virginia

    Up in the mountains over the weekend, pretty windy but still managed to get it in the air
  12. wrdavis57

    XSP First Video

    First Post of video and first video- quick little flight over rolling hills of West Virginia
  13. joshmentele

    Sold: Autel X-Star Premium

    I have for sale another Autel X-Star premium. This one is in pristine condition as I just had the shell replaced. There is only one problem: a piece of plastic is chipped in the battery bay. It doesn't affect the drone at all. A picture is attached showing the damage. Included with the drone...
  14. joshmentele

    For Sale: Autel X-Star Premium

    I have an Autel X-Star Premium for sale in excellent condition, no cracks/scuffs, never crashed. Both the drone and controller are in excellent condition. Included with the drone is the controller, 4 props (2 have scuff marks on them), battery (less than 20 flights on it), hard case (not shown...
  15. joshmentele

    Sunset in Mitchell SD

    I took the XSP for a flight a few weeks ago and got these shots.
  16. lightman

    Shirley Valentine Boat Trip

    Hi all... I made a short video using my orange dream machine about a month ago for a mate of mine, so here it is for u all to take a look ;) Enjoy.....
  17. Delta Blue

    Colorado Monument Panoramic

    I flew about 300 feet AGL and created a stitched image from my flight, just north of the Monument.
  18. DHunt

    Please say it isn't so!!!

    Ok, so I am really worried now! Between the out of stocks on Autel site, and now this Autel | B&H Photo Video Autel | B&H Photo Video It's not looking good at all!!! I so hope I am wrong!
  19. PRMath

    My home from the Mile High club

    Well, it COULD be :)
  20. Jason Hall

    Hello From Cuenca, Ecuador

    Hello everyone, I'm originally from San Francisco, California, but I've lived in Ecuador for about 15 years. I love all things RC and I have a YouTube channel dedicated to the RC hobby called "The RC Cave" The X-Star is my first real GPS drone and I've had a blast flying it (I've done some RC...