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autel evo 2 pro

  1. A

    Selling Smart controller Autel evo 2 pro V2

    Vendo controlador inteligente para Autel Evo 2 pro V2. Tiene unas 20 horas de uso. Vendo por compra de autel Evo 2 pro RTK V3. Tiene garantía hasta febrero de 2025. Precio 700€ más envío. Localización : España. Envio por agencia de transporte (DHL)
  2. C

    What happened to the intelligent flight modes?

    Good Afternoon! Okay, maybe I am just dumb, but I just upgraded from the V2 to the V3 (6K camera) due to a submarine drone occurrence. I enjoyed using the dual stability flight mode on the V2, but when I got the V3 I noticed that the Dual Stability and a few other flight modes were MIA. Did...
  3. Doug Simmons

    Trying to go pro: 6K or spring for thermal?

    Hi first post but I've followed this forum for months, recreational DJI guy itching to go Autel to try my hand at making a few dollars! Tl;dr, wondering whether to spend two grand and change or go straight to the thermal? If you're in the mood to field a bunch of other questions, I've been...
  4. mshmovie

    GONE: Evo II Pro Rugged Bundle with Extras - $1,358.80 - Amazon Warehouse (Used: Very Good)

    Hi Folks, Amazon Warehouse is offering an additional 10% off on select products through May 27th - here's one that will hopefully save someone in the group a few bucks and bring a little joy to their weekend. This Evo II Pro Rugged Bundle (only one is available) is being offered at $1,510.89...
  5. D

    Flight log

    Hi there!
  6. laheyjo

    Autel Repairs - seriously their major flaw

    So, I specifically chose Autel because 'way back when' (DJI Phantom 2 release era) I had a huge issue with DJI's support - their 'required firmware update' bricked my $2000+ new drone a few weeks into having it - and their support at the time said effectively "too bad, send it back to China, but...
  7. sdmoosa

    Autel Evo 2 Pro Rugged Bundle For Sale

    Hi Everyone, I am not sure if this forum is a right place to sale my drone but we never know when our rainy days starts so I am trying this forum as well. Selling my newly bought Autel Evo 2 Pro Rugged Bundle which is still in box pack. I am selling it for some quick money it was bought for...
  8. UAV8 Drones

    SUMMER 2020 | Canton of Zürich | SWITZERLAND

    Greetings from Switzerland
  9. C

    AUTEL EVO II PRO Central California 1,000

    AUTEL EVO II PRO Lightly used EVO 2 for sale. Less than 15 flights. Way more drone than I needed. I would like to get 1,000 for the drone. I am located in central California. The drone comes with: 1 Custom Carrying case 1 EVO 2 intelligent battery 1 EVO 2 Battery Charger 1 EVO 2 Remote...
  10. V

    Mounting bracket for 360 camera

    Folks, Anyone know of a good mounting bracket with a 1/4 20 hole for mounting a camera beneath the Evo 2? I'm very aware of covering the sensors on the underside. I called Autel, and they confirmed the payload capacity for the Evo 2 is 1174 grams Would love a link up if possible
  11. T

    4th of July Fireworks

    Made a fun video of the local's fireworks fun on Comano Island NorthWest Washington USA.