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Whose sky is it anyway? U.S. drone case tests rights to air space


Aug 29, 2016
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Live! From New York!
It's about time! See the entire story at the source listed...

When a small town American roofer took legal action against a neighbor for shooting down his drone, the local dispute sparked a case that could help shape the newest frontier of property rights law – who owns the air.

Drone owner David Boggs filed a claim for declaratory judgment and damages in the Federal Court after his neighbor William Merideth from Hillview in the southern state of Kentucky blasted his $1,800 drone with a shotgun in July last year.

Boggs argued to the District Court in Kentucky that the action was not justified as the drone was not trespassing nor invading anyone's privacy, while Merideth - who dubs himself the "drone slayer" - said it was over his garden and his daughter.

After a year of counter argument, a decision on which court jurisdiction should hear the complaint is expected within weeks and this could set new precedents for U.S. law.

SOURCE: Whose sky is it anyway? U.S. drone case tests rights to air space
In the 70's the Kansas attorney general ( Vern Miller )stopped airlines from serving drinks while in KS air space. I'm not sure how he enforced this but he tried. I don't think this was challenged in court.
It will be interesting to see how the courts handle this.
Hi, This is an interesting subject, Iam based in Australia and I have a aerial photography business and I need to fly over property when filming for real estate and I always
notify surrounding property owners and have no problem.
But I do make a point here that I have spoken with several authoritative people and it was pointed out that NOBODY owns any airspace above any property but
only CASA ((CIVIL AVIATION SAFETY AUTHORITY) can and does control airspace.
I believe that this is how it should be so unless someone is purposely hovering over a property they (the property owner) does not have the right to hinder any normal air traffic be it
a Jumbo Jet or a X Star drone this is my opinion and is not official.
Cheers, JV
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