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Video Lag with the NVIDIA Shield K1


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Aug 30, 2016
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First flight with my new Shield today, and while it's significantly better then my Tab A8, I'm still getting video breaking up.

Looking for some suggestions?
It's still worth trying Paul's suggestion to turn of the flight route track, but my understanding is that that was a temporary fix for the video feed lag that some folks were experiencing, primarily with older iOS devices. If I'm reading RJ's comment correctly, he might actually be referring to pixelation, or other form of interference, with his Shield. For that I really have no suggestions other than verify his antenna positions, and the possibility of interference in his particular location.

For example, I have issues with heavy pixelation/interference in my own backyard beyond about 500-800ft (tract home neighborhood, powerlines w/substation, and cell tower all nearby). When I go out into "the boonies", I have zero pixelation troubles out to nearly a mile (as far as I've tried to go to date - I have trouble seeing it farther than that, and I like keeping it in sight)
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Thanks guys, I think I'm seeing both. But I think it's more pixelation. It's seems to start with lag then it becomes pixelated.

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It very well could be an interference issue for me. I've not flown it from any other field so I won't know until I go elsewhere. I'm just glad it's significantly better than my Tab A8. :D
Galaxy Tab A w/ 2.1ghz Quad is challenged, but what I'm hearing is that the NvidiabK1 is challenged as well, just not a badly.

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