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v1 Smart Controller - AliExpress


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Jan 7, 2022
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BEWARE!!!! AliExpress listed the v1 Smart Controller and I ordered it along with a Fly More Kit. They (AliExpress/Autel) screwed around with me for more than a month - holding my money while never having any of the products. These people truly suck. Here's the chat log:

03/12/2021 13:54

Order information

If you want to change your order info, leave a note to the seller. Your requests cannot be guaranteed – but the seller will do their best to meet your needs.
Order ID:
US $1,841.84

05/12/2021 19:53
Order Number #8142245050937585
2021 EVO II Autel Smart Controller V1/V2 2.4/5.8 GHz Camera Drone Accessory 13km GPS GLONASS Galileo Positioning V1 V2 In Stock
US $1,714.00

Your query has now been assigned to AUTEL ROBOTICS Official Store .​

Hello friend, greetings. In order to make sure your parcel delivery to you safety and quckly, here are two questions to ask your help to confirm: 1. may i ask how much do you want to declare it? Generally, we will declare it from $386 to $928. 2. it needs tax and custom clearance when it arrives to your country, so may i asi if you are willing to make custom clearance and pay for tax when it needs? Looking forward to your early reaply, thank you so much.

06/12/2021 07:33​

Okay, I guess declare it for $800. I'll pay taxes but I'm not sure what you need from me regarding custom clearance. Please let me know.


06/12/2021 18:29​

Dear friend, greetings. We will declare $800 for you, You only need to clear and pay when the package arrives at the customs. do you think is fine for you? thank you.

06/12/2021 19:59​

yes, thank you!


06/12/2021 20:06​

Friend, you are welcome, this is what we should do, best blessing:)

08/12/2021 18:02​

Dear friend, greetings. The delivery period of the V1 remote control has been extended, so you need to wait a few more days. Would you like to extend the delivery period by 7 days? We will arrange delivery for you as soon as we receive the inventory, do you think is fine for you? thank you.

09/12/2021 07:39​

Yes, that is fine. Thank you!


09/12/2021 17:46​

Thank you for your support, You only need to extend the delivery period by 7 days. regards.

12/12/2021 18:00​

Hello, friend, You only need to extend the delivery period by 7 days. do you think is fine for you? thank you.

12/12/2021 20:44​



12/12/2021 22:18​

OK,friend, thank you for your support, regards.

12/12/2021 22:38​

The delivery time of your order is less than 2 days, you only need to extend the delivery time first, thank you. [Rose]

12/12/2021 23:29​

Dear friend, greetings. The all-around accessory package you bought has a battery and the battery is special, so you need to divide it into 2 packages to arrange delivery for you, do you think is fine for you? thank you.

Almighty accessories package declares $286 for you, do you think is fine for you? thank you.

13/12/2021 17:35​

looking hear from you, thank you.

29/12/2021 07:37​

Hello, sorry for the late reply. Yes, whatever you need to do to get my order here is fine . . . split the package, etc.


29/12/2021 19:12​

Dear friend, greetings. We will arrange for you to send the two together. Now the V1 remote is out of stock, it will take a while, Will you continue to wait? thank you.

30/12/2021 12:17​

Is it going to be back in stock? Are they manufacturing more? I'm willing to wait a while if it is going to be back in stock. You are still sending the other part of the order, the Fly More kit, correct?


30/12/2021 20:23​

Dear friend, greetings. Yes, the factory is manufacturing the V1 remote control. Once we receive the inventory, we will arrange the delivery for you. We arranged for you to send the Fly More kit before, but the logistics company reported that there was a logistics problem and returned it. Now we will wait for the V1 remote control to be sent together, do you think this is good for you? thank you.

30/12/2021 23:29

What is the expected time to wait? I would rather get some of my order soon with the rest coming later if you're talking about weeks before the factory produces the V1.


31/12/2021 01:19​

Dear friend, greetings. You need to come back after the year to confirm. It is a holiday and cannot be confirmed temporarily. We will confirm the specific delivery time for you in 3 days. do you think is fine for you? thank you.

31/12/2021 09:08​

Okay. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you.


03/01 18:19​

OK, friend, and any update we will inform you, thank you for your support, regards.

03/01 18:43​

So from what you posted before, you will provide me with a specific delivery date for the V1 Smart Controller within a day, correct?


03/01 22:13​

We will contact the purchaser to confirm the specific delivery time, and any update we will inform you, pls don't worry. thank you.

05/01 07:43​

I'm only concerned that we've been chatting about my order for over a month now and still I have no idea if or when any part of my order is being sent to me. I need to get some definitive informatio n from you since you have $1800 of my money and I have nothing.


05/01 19:29​

Dear friend, greetings. We are also very sorry, there is only the V2 remote control for the time being, and the V1 remote control has not arrived yet. sorry again. But please don’t worry, if we still haven’t arranged the delivery for you, we can refund you in full, and we can notify you when the goods arrive. thank you for your support. regards.

Yesterday 13:22​

Okay, you can go ahead and refund the money for the v1 Smart Controller and let me know when/if a v1 becomes available. What about the other part of my order, the Fly More kit??


Yesterday 20:06​

Dear friend, greetings. Fly More kit has been sold out, and it will take a while. If you want, you can open the dispute, we will arrange a refund for you first, and we will notify you when the follow-up inventory is reached. do you think is fine for you? thank you.


Please just refund all of my money.



I'm so disappointed that you have messed around with me, holding my money for more than a month and all the time you didn't even have the products that I ordered.

you didn't say which country you are from (where you need to pay customs taxes) and you didn't say what you meant by "hold my money for a month...." regarding the type of payment method you used.

welcome to the forum, it's too bad you didn't join us last year else you would have had more information in order to make a more informed purchase. lots of good resources in this forum and people here to not only provide purchase guidance but also to let you know about their own experiences with products and merchants.

aliexpress has successfully shipped millions of products to satisfied customers around the world; however, this script reads exactly like something i would have read about 10 years ago....seems nothing much has changed. ultimately i hope you get all of your money back and you find the products that you are looking for; let us know how we can help.
The whole idea of them having a V1 controller was suspect. I don't blame you at all for trying to grab one. Buy when they started saying they are still being manufactured, that was a huge red flag. Their dispute process was ridiculously long and convoluted for me. The system keeps giving time extensions whether you approve them or not. Granted mine was a lousy $15 cable, but they "extended resolution time" at least a dozen times, taking over 7 months to finally refund me. Don't mean to give you anxiety - that was just my experience. With the dollar figure involved you need to escalate and take every action available. They won't take your money. But the process could be aggravation itself. Sorry your getting such grief. Best bet on a V1 controller is either an eBay saved search or the marketplace here. or... take a few hundred loss on your V1 Aircraft and get a V2 Evo 2 & V2 Controller. I waited 2 months for my V2 Controller purchased from a reputable US reseller after pre-order with a 2 WEEK estimate. Autel's fault, not the reseller. This hobby requires more patience than I possess, sometimes. Good luck and let us know how you fair with Aliexpress

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