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Prop Balancing


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Jan 15, 2017
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Has anyone checked their props to see how well they are balanced?

I spoke to Autel and they agreed that it is a good idea to check balance on their props. They said that for best efficiency, a balanced prop will run better...pretty obvious. They also said for even better efficiency you could sand off the Autel name and direction arrows. Maybe future props will just not have it on there.

This is my third Quad and favorite, my others are starter toys. My Parrot AR Drone, if the blades on it are out of balance...you know it! That is a very unstable quad and can only be flown when there are literally no winds. Balanced props really help. 8 minutes of flight time and by the time you get to flying it, you're changing the battery.

I ordered a balancer for 27.00, to me it's worth it to check balance on them. There are big debates on sanding or using tape to get them balanced, I will use tape to start IF I even need it and see how well it works.

Here is what I got...
Amazon.com: Dubro Products 6mm Drone Quadcopter Prop Balancer: Toys & Games
I have the Du-Bro 499 Tru-Spin Prop Balancer and the threaded metal rod made for the Props. Every one of my stock props was bang on. I have found that stock props seem to be balanced better then aftermarket props. I have carbon fiber props for my Yuneec Q500 and they all needed so adjustment.
Guess I won't be ordering aftermarket props. I have enough practice balancing lawnmower blades after sharpening them. The less maintenance for me, the better.
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Got my DuBro balancer, 3 out of 4 are out of balance.
Blades on 3 of them need slight adjustment.
The hubs on all 4 are really out of balance.

First, I have never crashed this drone and the props have never hit anything or the ground. They are pristine. Bird runs and flys great, just wanted to ensure the props were as good as I can get them.

I'm gonna play a little more with the balancer, double check level. I will add tape to blades and most likely try clear nail polish on the hubs. All is reversible!
Can you clarify "The hubs on all 4 are really out of balance" ? How are the hubs checked opposed to the blades themselves? Just ordered a balancer to keep up with drone maintenance for good measure. but not aware of hub balancing ...thanks
Check out this video...
The blades are checked when trying to get them to stay parallel to the ground (horizontally)
The hub is checked when trying to get them to stay perpendicular to the ground (vertically)
Once both are balanced, they will not spin freely when placing them on the dubro and will hold positions in the horizontal and vertical positions.

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This is the best propeller/ hub balancing video I've found if you're using the Dubro balancer with the threaded shaft.
And no, it's not mine ;-)
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In the second video he just leaves the slivers of tape on it and runs it like that?
Hello, I found Autel props very good and were balanced. I am totally against sanding down props it is damaging props and weakening them
in the spot sanded. I hear you ask how do I balance simple tape and it is a lot more accurate and can be changed if required which is not
possible sanding. Taping for me works very well never an issue. Cheers
You will never sand enough off to affect them... years & years of doing this have never failed me. Try it sometime and you will see it is a micro amount to bring them into balance if at all. Tape can come off over time, sanding is good forever.

Like you said, Autel props are very good. I have never found an OEM Autel prop that needed balancing. Tape or sand, balancing props has its benefits. ;)
yes it's in the duct tape family. The good thing with using tape it only need to be very small as you can move it back and forth
to get the correct balance. There is also another problem with sanding you end up with a rough are of the prop and that will
throw it out (aitflow is not smooth). The tape method cannot come off, if people knew something about aerodynamics it tells you that the pressure
is on the underside of the prop therefore putting pressure on the tape. Give me tape over SANDING any day. cheers KentA
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There is also another problem with sanding you end up with a rough are of the prop and that will
throw it out (aitflow is not smooth).
This statement tells me you have never tried to sand a prop. When I say the amount that you remove is microscopic I am not kidding... you won't even see the dust. Emery boards for fingernails work excellent. It will make it as smooth as glass.

What kind of tape is this good tape?

:DLifetime supply

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