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New firmware coming soon.

Tom Z

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Dec 6, 2016
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We already know that hopefully the first quarter on this year we should see a new firmware update from Autel.

Does anyone know anything about it other than the yaw fix? I have been playing with the X-star the last few days, and notice that it very hard to fly low and slow and below 6' the drone is very unstable even hovering.
It will go up and down by itself about 2 feet.

One last question, I have been playing with waypoints and it appears that the drone will automatically point the camera towards to next waypoint when flying. (even the app says, "point towards next waypoint".)

Anyone know how to configure it so it doesn't automatically point towards the next waypoint. For example, I would like the drone to fly from point a to point b, but face the camera 90 deg. to the right the whole time?

thanks for any suggestions and info.
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Looking at their facebook page with a couple of CES videos.
It looks like they've improved hover stability/position holding and made it so that if you full throttle straight to the ground it would land safely.

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