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Major problem with my Evo


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Jul 23, 2018
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I've had the Evo since the first time I found it for sale and it is the drone I fly the most. I will dig out the Karma for orbits, because it does those better IMO, but day to day, week to week it's always the Evo that I go to.

Yesterday was the first niceish day in a while so I decided to do some fun flying (no goals, just playing around). I usually have been using drones for surveying work or house exteriors and have used mission planning quite a bit, but I had never tried follow-me with the Evo.

I was just going to be walking around the neighborhood, down to the pond, etc. so I figured it would be a great chance to try out a feature I've never used. The flight seemed to go well, got some good video and pictures of reflections off a pond and I went home to dump my stuff to my NAS.

As I was reviewing the follow-me footage I noticed a huge problem that I've never seen before. It started off good enough, but for some reason the drone decided to follow a completely different person and not me. I know this because the person it was following had a fairly significant bald spot. I know that I am young and virile and am most def. not losing my hair! What could make my Evo follow someone else? I feel like it betrayed me.

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