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Greetings from Missouri


Aug 25, 2022
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Eastern Missouri, USA
Hello everyone!

Just wanted to check in as a new Autel Drone owner. My Evo Lite+ in orange arrived today and the batteries are charging as I type this.

I'm not very new to this hobby but it's safe to say I just started flying again this year with the intent to help my wife with her real estate business as well as to capture what I hope are some amazing scenery pics and videos.

I did go get my Part 107 certification as soon as I decided to jump back into this.

Most of my content will likely be around Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, and Texas with many other opportunities in Serbia - my home away from home, and surrounding countries.

Thanks for have the forums here and I hope to chat and learn from the best here!

welcome! do you fly in st louis, maybe in and around the arch?
I don't go into the city often. Mostly around my subdivision or out in wilderness areas while I get familiar with flying again.

Can't fly in/around too close to the arch. It's a national monument and the entire area is a restricted area. It takes a LOT of paperwork to get that approved between the FAA, local airports, and homeland security. It's not impossible, but it's impractical. I'd love to give it a try some day though. Maybe I'll add that to the bucket list.
welcome! do you fly in st louis, maybe in and around the arch?
Maiden flight I took her up to max altitude AGL. If you look closely you can see downtown St. Louis and the Arch :D I guess that'll have to do for to day.

So far I'm loving this drone and wish it had been my first pick. That said, I just caught it on the summer sale so it saved me about $400 and I'd probably had gone with a nano instead two months ago. Now I just need this other drone that was sent in for warranty repair to either come back into stock, or for them to just give me my $$$ back.

Safe flying out there!


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