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Flyaway and minor crash


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Nov 5, 2016
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I experienced my first flyaway on Sunday. I always perform a compass calibration and that day was no different. I had 17 satellite's locked, kp index was 2 no metal or power lines nearby, was in a location where I had flown many times before. I ironically was with a friend who had his dji mavic drone there as well (no his transmitter was not on). I was at the edge of a large open field, there were trees behind me. I had the XSP hovering at about 15 feet of altitude and probably 50 feet laterally away from is, it hovered there for approximately a minute while I was talking to my friend about the features of the transmitter, suddenly with no control input it begin flying back towards the trees. I was unable to pause the flight or regain any type of control, there were no warnings of any kind on the transmitter prior to this incident.

On Monday I called their customer service, the representative that I spoke to basically told me " well I don't know what would have caused it, I don't know what to tell you" I told him that was not the correct response for a customer service representative, it was his job to provide solutions. He did then say that he could send me a shipping label to have it sent back for evaluation because by the description it could be an on board hardware issue. I have contacted their CS a few times with questions both prior to purchasing and since, this was the first time I had a less than stellar experience. I guess we'll see what happens, shipping it out today.
Obviously it happened very quickly as the xsp didn't have much distance to cover before it hit the tree (probably 75 ft). I quickly glanced at the telemetry screen (everything looked normal) as I tried different control inputs, any of three other lateral directions would have been clear of obstructions, I received no response from the xsp, so I pressed the pause button again with no response. It seemed like it had determined to hit that tree no matter what:(. Luckily there were small thick branches that it hit so there was very minimal damage.
Gotcha, glad it just resulted in some minimal damage and hopefully Autel will be able to determine a cause.

I had magnetic interference cause mine to react strangely and I realized (after the fact) I could have saved myself a very minor tip-over landing by switching to ATTI mode (must be enabled in the app first) since the compass was freaking and clashing with the GPS. I wonder if that would have had any effect in your case? Maybe not since it also wasn't responding to the sticks...
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Honestly I never even thought about switching modes until it was over because it probably all happened in about 5 to 10 seconds. Looking forward to hearing from Autel to see what they find.
That sounds close to what happened to mine but I got a warning...... switching to Attitude mode...be careful message just before mine took off by itself. It was scary how fast it all happened. I have not contacted Autel about what happened. If you do get an answer please post here. Let's hope it was an isolated incident.
Were you using android or iOS platform? Also, don't see whether you were using xsp or xs-wifi. Compatibility issue?
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I was using an android tablet, same setup as I normally use. It is an XSP.
I asked because a recent "update" to iOS changed the way Starlink interfaced w/ my iPhone, & xsp . I now see a lot of video disconnections, more drop outs really, that I never saw before. Minor but annoying. Thought it might be a place to look but your issue can't be related.
I had XSP attempt to do a fly away, I had just taken off and the Drone was hovering about 15 feet high and started making small circles about 1 to 2 feet radius (I figured it was due to the wind as it was quite windy approx. 15 to 20 mph when all of the sudden it just took of backwards and not responding to my inputs I then took a chance and put in ATTI climbed and pushed forward at the same time and it responded immediately (I did here it saying something to the effect of magnetic interference and saw a red bar at the bottom but was more interested in keeping my eyes on the drone then the screen). I will say one thing, knowing my remote probably saved it from planting into the ground. Once I had a little altitude and control I switched back into GPS mode and hit the RTH button, it responded appropriately and landed safely, (know your Remote and where all the buttons are by fell and what they do) it will be a great to know when you need it.

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