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customer service

  1. GeoDrone SRL

    When you have a project that was started with Autel drones....

    ...Unfortunately...as if something breaks, need to have a back-up....so....in order to work with 7 x Evo 2 Pro, we have purchased 11 xEvo 2 Pro... Why ? Because Autel service is D.O.A. God will help you, if you request a part for drone in order to repair it = ZERO answers from 2 months...all i...
  2. A

    Flyaway and minor crash

    I experienced my first flyaway on Sunday. I always perform a compass calibration and that day was no different. I had 17 satellite's locked, kp index was 2 no metal or power lines nearby, was in a location where I had flown many times before. I ironically was with a friend who had his dji mavic...