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Flights not recorded in Explorer Flights Log.


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Apr 17, 2021
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I have a recurring problem with all my devices, even with the Smart Controller V3.
Many flights I've taken are not logged in the flight log in the explorer app.
I tried to log into the app again and my icon appears regularly.
All software is up to date, app, firmware and os.
This happens both with the new Smart Controller V3 of Evo II v3 Enterprise, and with two other devices, two with Android and an iPad that I use with my EVO II v1.
Some flights are logged, others that I have done, do not appear at all in Explorer's flight log.
Is there a reason or a solution?
I can not help with your problem, but am experiencing a similar problem.

We use an Evo 2 Dual V1 that used to fly with a standard controller and an Android phone as the device.
We then upgraded to a Smart Controller V1.
The logs will not show in Explorer from this combination, even after syncing.
I next cleared all logs and resyncced all records.
Now only the flights from the Evo 2 Dual using Smart Controller show and hundreds of previous logs are missing.
I resync for just a month. All flights, even thoses from years ago are now showing to include flights with the Evo 2 Dual and the standard controll with Android phone, but the 8 flights from the Evo 2 Dual and Smart Controller are now gone.

It gets crazier.
I go to Dronelogbook. com and sync records. The flights from the Evo 2 Dual and Smart Controller do not show up.
I now go to Air Data which is set to auto import flight records. All flights are properly showing and the records are perfect.

When using Dronelogbook. com, now set to auto import, the Evo 2 Dual/Smart Controller records do import automatically but are missing battery information.
This is where we are at, it mostly works.

Autel is looing into it. They took my case information, took 1 week to say they are looking into it. They then responded back months later that they still have no solution for me.

But it is mostly working for me. My advice is to use the free Airdata account as this may work for you as it does for us.

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