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Finally - first flight

Tom Z

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Dec 6, 2016
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I have never flown any of the Phantoms and/or high end drones, just little toys.

However, I am really impressed with the flight characteristics of the Autel drone.

Have about 2 full batteries under my belt now.. Wow.

I like it a lot.

Will post a short video shortly. (have to work on my video skills......)
I took my bird out for its first flight. Was just something basic. Question. How'd you get your video so clear? What settings do you have?
Not sure about the settings, I did not check or change any of them. Whatever was configured out of the factory is what I used.
Nice for the first time...Santa brought himself an X-Star Premium for Christmas here. I got as far as testing the craft with the radio and Starlink yesterday. It seemed to be all systems go, without props attached in the house. I think I had 17 satellites even so. My first flight will be at the park down the street in a few days. The X-Star seems to be pretty well-loved by most of the owners I have seen so far. I am really eager to test out the waypoint feature.
It is a pleasure to welcome you to the AutelXPilots forum.
I hope that you will be able to use the forum to further your safety knowledge and for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for
current developments in Autel quadcopter’s. Read the manual a few times and watch lots of Youtube videos on the subject to give yourself a good start.
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Well, I did get the chance to finally give my X-Star its first flight Tuesday at the park down the street. It was below freezing and I could only be outside a few minutes. Everything ran smoothly, but I was disappointed that it was too cold to take a video. Due to my gloves I could not feel the buttons properly and pressed a wrong one, initially diving my aircraft into the grass from about 10 feet. It did no harm at all, but in fact was a good experience, adding another "Do Not Do's" to my checklist...do not fly with gloves. I will try again next week when the temperature rises. The wind was a bit higher than I liked, and even with the cold, the X-Star operated beautifully, minus pilot error. So happy to be among the Autel pilots!
I took my bird out for its first flight. Was just something basic. Question. How'd you get your video so clear? What settings do you have?
I made this mistake my first flight, don't forget to take the protection film off the lens , I forgot to and took a sec to realize my mistake
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