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Nov 24, 2016
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I have three brand new batteries. One of them charged to about 50 percent, then stopped charging. All the lights went blank. I thought it was full, so after awhile I unplugged it and it shows about 40 percent full. I plug it back into the charger and nothing hapens, no lights come on. Any ideas??
I spoke to Autel customer support today about a similar battery charging issue. The rep on the phone advised me to press and hold the power button on the battery for twelve seconds and then release it. During this 12 seconds the battery lights came on as if starting up and then went off as if shutting down.

Unfortunately, I am at work and won't be able to see if this process actually did anything positive until I get a chance to attach the battery to the charger again later today.


Dan K.
I tried holding the button for 12 seconds, it didn't work. I think I have a bad battery. I bought it off Amazon so I'm returning it for a refund.
My result also. The tech support rep at Autel asked me to email him the battery screen from StarLink for the bad battery. It looks like this:


It's a brand new battery that shipped with my X-Star. Doesn't charge when I attach it to the charger, and only shows < 50% when I use the on/off button to show capacity.

Autel Tech. Support wants me to go ahead and fly the X-Star with this battery and purposely override the auto land at 10% capacity left and keep flying until it depletes to 7%. I'm not real confident about doing this as I'm afraid that the battery will suddenly deplete and the bird will fall out of the sky.

I'm waiting for their reply from my email this morning stating this. I'd much prefer if they'd just ship me a replacement battery.


Dan K.
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They wanted me to do a similar thing, but I didn't want to risk a crash. I just shipped it back to Amazon for a refund.

If you do fly it till empty, just hover it a few inches over the ground, or maybe have someone hold it while the motors run.
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Oh wow, those cells aren't evenly charged at all. Thanks for the updates guys. I wonder if you could fly to critical, land, then idle on the ground with the motors running until 7%.

Either way I'd probably never trust the battery fully and would prefer a replacement same as you.

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