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ATTI flying


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Jan 15, 2017
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I did some ATTI flying today, man was it nice in the Carolinas today!

I put the bird WELL ABOVE the tree lines at about 170-200 feet and just went CRAZY. I was hitting speeds of 48-50 mph with the wind!

So much fun to really fly this thing and just let it go! I did really well keeping orientation. Flipped it to IOC when I though it might want to get away. Worked like a charm and it came back by pulling down on the right stick.

Never once did I feel the bird was getting away just flipped to IOC to be safe. It was 8-10mph winds. This was a great way to really get a better feel for the bird and what I can do if I feel it getting out of control. GPS and IOC is your friend!

Did some FPV flying in GPS mode to get a feel of flying outside of LOS. Went through some tight narrow areas to get a feel for FPV.
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Flip the switch to ATTi and back to GPS if needed. I find myself flying in ATTI mode more now. It so much more fun. it's Faster, more agile and makes a turn quicker.

I am getting ready to buy a Walkera F210 Race drone for playing! ATTI mode is getting me prepped for FASTER flight!


Cannot wait for this to come in.
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I believe you have to reset your home point when switching back to GPS as it will use the spot you switched as the home point. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Good point here. I never get the "Home Point Reset" like you do when you take off. I will have to try this and see what it does.

IF it doesn't give you a message to reset the home point, this would be a good FIX for Autel on the APP update.
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So you don't get the "Taking off now and then a few seconds later "Home point has been reset"?
I think you have the ISO app is this correct, would be good to hear from others to see if this is common.
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Yes, I get the "taking of now and home point reset" each time it takes off. That's not what I was saying.

When flying in GPS then switching over to ATTI, I'm not sure if it resets the HOME point when you flip back to GPS as your flying.

So, if I'm 500 feet from my original HOME point flying in ATTI and I flip back to GPS...I'm not sure if it uses my original HOME point or does it reset the HOME point at the current location where I flipped back to GPS. Will have to check this.
OK so slimjimtell I went out this afternoon and tested this. Home point was set at my take off spot. Flew out several hundread yards and switched to ATTI. Watched my bird get blown around in the 20 + mph winds but it handled it well. I never heard anything about the home point being reset at that location. So I switched back to GPS mode and hit the RTH button. It then started to come back to the take off spot in the beginning of the flight.
So there you have it. Unless you manually change you RTH it will be from where you take off.

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