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$4800 - Evo II Dual 640T Enterprise v3 (BRAND NEW, unopened)


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Jun 8, 2021
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Hi everyone,

My agency has a brand new, unopened, unused, and unactivated 640T Enterprise v3 that we've decided to sell.

This is the full Enterprise bundle that includes the utility case, 7.9" Smart Controller, 3 flight batteries, and all the Enterprise modules, plus standard accessories. The retail price is $6999. Here's a link to more info on Autel's site: EVO II DUAL 640T, The Most Compact and Advanced Thermal Drone | Autel Robotics

If you're in the market, this is a great opportunity to save some money while also helping a Public Safety agency. We decided to go a different direction, so finding a new home for this will be a nice win-win for everyone -especially if it goes to another Public Safety agency.

Serious buyers only. $4800 paid through PayPal Goods & Services to a verified address. Sale and shipping to CONUS only, to an established member (or a new member that can be verified by other means). Especially due to ITAR related concerns with this being an IR device, zero BS will be tolerated and we'll offer the same in return - on that note, keep in mind you'll be dealing with a SAR team that's part of a Law Enforcement agency. Additional photos or videos can be provided through DM, which we're happy to take from inside our Sheriff's Office for additional buyer confidence.

Regarding the warranty, I double checked and Autel allows for warranty transfer between private parties, so there's no issue there. This can be verified independently, but we're also happy to provide screenshots of that conversation, along with the necessary documentation. Autel Care is still an option through them as well.

Thanks and please reply via DM if interested.


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It is, yes.

Sending you a DM.

The forum software wouldn't let me send the DM for some reason. But here's what I wrote:


Thanks for asking about the v3.

I saw your post about having the Max 4n, how do you like it? I've been very curious about the human and vehicle ID feature for use in Search and Rescue. I've only seen a couple videos on it so far, but it looks promising.

Let me know if I can answer any questions about the v3.
Hey so the max 4n capabilities far exceeded my expectations. And it's ability to differentiate between human animal and moving vehicle track the target and give location data live the way it does just astounds me. And the different IR filters just adds to the capabilities that if someone is lost or they are needing to find someone you don't just have to rely solely on the normal camera. Along with the starlight lens and I have to say for this being the drone I purchased to start my business I couldn't be happier.
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Price lowered to $5150. Brand new, never opened. Full warranty.
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