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  1. K

    Another about FW 1.1.6

    Hello all. I wonder if any of you might have advice. I have a new Dual V3 and have been unsuccessful in updating the with the new firmware 1.1.6. Android and the app are both apparently current, but no matter what I try I cannot get the firmware to “take”. OTA fails on upload telling me to...
  2. pyrozyme

    EVO Max 4T / Firmware Update "Firmware file verification failed"

    Greetings. I did my first flights with the new Max today and was really happy with it. However... As expected there were firmware updates for the drone and controller. Both downloaded well and after the controller updated it requested that I restart the drone and the controller, which I did. Now...
  3. R

    Firmware Update 2.0.12

    I am having issues with parts of the update: Flight Control (failed) Each Item retries 2 times before failing. The Flight Control part immediately starts with red lights and beeping sound then fails. The batteries are updating. Sonar failed on two tries then finally updated on the third try...