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smart controller v1

  1. D

    Autel , I've had enough!

    Autel, I've had enough! I've had Evo 2 pro V1 now for over 2 years, and to be honest, I see a huge potential with this drone. I like a lot of things about it, but since day 1 there were constant issues with it. I understand that Autel is still young in drone production, and that there have to...
  2. LeadSledGirl-AP

    Smart Controller Case

    I’m interested in hearing what cases people are using for their smart controller? TIA
  3. ahroberts2435

    EVO 2 Pro 6k (V1) package STILL AVAILABLE!!!

    Autel Evo II Pro V1 with Smart Controller & upgraded standard controller, Alientech Pro amplifier with antennas and adapters for SC/standard controller, Live Deck with upgraded antennas, 7 batteries with standard charger & 2 Yx aftermarket chargers(can charge 6 batteries concurrently), ND filter...