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  1. J

    Antennae boosters for Smart Controller

    I am curious if there are after market antennae or other boosters to increase the range of the Evo II enterprise from the smart controller. I have lost connection numerous times when the drone was about 2,000' away, still in line of site. I would like to have at lease a 1 mile range.
  2. S

    Evo 2 Pro suicides itself into a tree...

    Been flying for almost 8 years and this is the second drone crash I have had. The first being a DJI mavic Air that RTH on its own into trees due to losing signal from the controller while standing 7 feet from it. This time, I was flying the Autel Evo 2 pro. Flown this for over a year now and its...
  3. quinn karter

    Night Flight: Autel 6K Lands on Under Construction Townhome Roof 1300ft away, Takes off, Goes home and lands on 4 foot wide 2nd story balcony.

    Recreational Flight to test drones ability to maintain signal connection after landing on a 2 story Town House Complex under construction about 1300ft away. No tenants yet. Earlier in the day, I got permission from a representative of the townhouse complex to test it. The drone was equipped with...