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  1. M

    Panic attacks when sudden disconnects happen.

    Nano+ 1 month old after factory replacement with new. New problem after updating. (Sep 19 23) Updated to Autel Sky 1.6.8 Aircraft Firmware 1.8.5 Controller IPhone 12pro iOS 17 Flys great. Shoot great. No issues except now randomly freezes and "aircraft disconnected" "rc...
  2. T

    Software Suggestion: Pathed return-to-home.

    I once launched from a spot where an overhanging tree (far up) obscured the straight vertical line to clear sky. The Nano+ kept overriding my manual return-to-home flight and being unpracticed in blocking that, I ended up with a bad result. If I could offer an idea to Autel, it would be for the...
  3. M

    How-to get dynamic Home point in mission mode (or a Home point located at the end of the WPT mission)?

    Hi all! Just wondering: is there any way to create a mission with Home location on the end of track? (or moving with remote control location) What I need: for mobile network measurement session I need to get an 9-10 km long WPT missions with some measurement scripts running on the piggyback...
  4. QuadSquad

    Another battery question

    I have a question about a battery, that some one may have an idea of what's going on. I purchased a bundle, with several batteries included. One of the batteries, although it performs well, will allow me to get the low battery warning, but, it won't perform a return to home, automatically. The...