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  1. A

    EVO 2 Crash while Dynamic Tracking

    I was impressed with how a previous Evo 2 Pro test unit I had performed, but taking my new Evo 2 for a dynamic track mission, my heart skipped a beat. This happened: The drone crashed into a tree . Luckily, the impact zone was an arm, and it folded. The only damages I can see are two...
  2. laheyjo

    Autel Repairs - seriously their major flaw

    So, I specifically chose Autel because 'way back when' (DJI Phantom 2 release era) I had a huge issue with DJI's support - their 'required firmware update' bricked my $2000+ new drone a few weeks into having it - and their support at the time said effectively "too bad, send it back to China, but...
  3. jnesbitt49

    Wiring harness

    So I trashed my wiring harness, but have a new on on the way. Had to buy complete repair kit. Anyone know of another source for the wiring harness alone? (X-star premium)