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  1. K

    Light spot in the photo

    I have light spots in the photos. The stain is also on the video. Appears in a situation where the drone has the sun at its back. That's not okay. What is this error and how to get rid of it? The drone is new and the error was there from the beginning. I suspect that the sun shines on the chip...
  2. J

    Colour issues

    Dear all, After much research I decided to get the Autel evo 2 pro. I would like your help if it's possible. I took some test photos today (raw photos / log), but when I open them in the lightroom the settings are not at zero as was with the mavic air I had. Especially with white balance...
  3. skrano

    Evo 2 Pro + Snow

    It's time to show my works. Somewhere in Italy (North Italy) (@)franc_rizz on ig.