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  1. AutelPilot

    Autel Evo Lite Plus - Noisy Video Quality

    Just bough the Lite + and i hope that im doing something wrong... I tested it in different light settings with different camera settings, with & without nd filter. 4K 60fps at 1/120 shutter with and without nd filters = the noise is all over the screen there like in the video, its like...
  2. Coleman_A

    AEB settings

    Hi, I would just like to let Autel know that I want to be able to shoot AEB shots with custom camera settings. In auto mode it always shoots ISO100, F2.8, and shutter ranging from 1/1700 to 1/400. This extremely short shutter is creating a lot more noise and softer focus then my Phantom4Pro...
  3. E

    DNG RAW file sample

    Hi guys . Few days ago i just got my first EVOII and today i just did my first test of photo and video. The first think i notice (not good) its about the DNG file that are very grainy even if the efix show that the ISO was around 150. In stead the jpeg photo look all right . For me its just my...