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  1. A

    Evo 2 fails IMU calibration at step 2

    Hi! Recently my Evo 2 V1 stopped properly detecting landings and the motors fail to shut down 60% of the landings, unless you do a weird yaw motion with the drone that triggers an ESC failsafe, but it looks really sketchy. Had this problem in the past, but it was easily fixed with an IMU...
  2. AirStag

    Have you retired any batteries?

    I have six Evo II batteries and four of them are starting to bulge ever so slightly. I feel a little resistance when I insert them into the drone. These batteries all have 60-80 cycles according to the app. Is it time to pull them from service? I was hoping the app would give me some...
  3. Spikemixture

    Autel International Support email address please

    Does anyone have a current email address for Autel "International" Support office. I wont go through my whole situation again other than to say US support are hopeless . I have asked multiple times with no reply. Currently my evo2 is in HK and has been there for 20 weeks as the reseller...