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evo ii

  1. T

    EVO II (Any/all version) and High Voltage transmission lines

    I'll be flying an EVO II Pro v1 for an upcoming photo mapping job. This site has 120' tall 115,000 Volt power lines crossing over about 1/4 of the mission area. Autel ads for newer V3 EVO II's show them being used for power line inspections which would suggest they are either not effected by...
  2. P

    Problems with new firmware update for EvoII ??

    Is anyone else experiencing problems after installation of V2.4.35 particularly as it relates to the mission planning on flights? My experience is if I plan a mission using either polygon or rectangular and set the drone to "Crabwalk" the route (90degrees/perpindicular to the route so if the...
  3. aerialshadow

    EVO II Pro Flying in Subzero Temps

    Hey Everyone, Wanted to share a successful flight at -11 degrees F in North Dakota. Some context: Flying Telecommunication tower light inspections, up to about 400’ AGL, flying for about 10 minutes. Kept the drone in the hotel with me overnight so the batteries were warm, also charging the...
  4. Y

    Evo II Enterprise with RTK and Extras not for Sale

    Plans change.
  5. T

    Front sensor replacement?

    "Front-view sensor abnormal, please try to reboot the aircraft" error shows up in Explorer and NEVER goes away. As a result, none of the features/functions that require Object Avoidance work. Obviously that's unsatisfactory. After rebooting many times, I've tried everything I can think of to...
  6. Len

    EVO II Hard Case that fits Smart Controller

    Does this type of case exist? I currently have Empire Drone EVO II Case by GPC, I'm wondering if anyone tried to modify it to fit smart controller?
  7. ahroberts2435

    EVO 2 Pro 6k (V1) package STILL AVAILABLE!!!

    Autel Evo II Pro V1 with Smart Controller & upgraded standard controller, Alientech Pro amplifier with antennas and adapters for SC/standard controller, Live Deck with upgraded antennas, 7 batteries with standard charger & 2 Yx aftermarket chargers(can charge 6 batteries concurrently), ND filter...
  8. A

    SOLD !!!!! 640T Dual Thermal Camera $4500

    SOLD !!!! ONLY US$4500 640T Dual Thermal Camera (Radiometric - InfiRay) for Autel EVO II Drone as Good as New, almost never used Dual Thermal Radiometric Resolutions up to 640x512 and 8K sensor
  9. O

    EVO II Pro won't fly after firmware update

    Hello Group! I'm new to the Autel Pilots group and brand new to drones (old school videographer). So, I just got my EVO II yesterday and already there are issues. First I can't use my old LG Aristo 2 Android phone to run the app, (Autel Tech support says NO!) it won't connect to the...
  10. advexure

    D100 Spotlight & EXOLANDER Payload Mounting Platform for EVO II

    It's been a long time coming, but the Advexure Team in partnership with Autel and Foxfury Lighting Solutions are excited to announce two new and exciting products to complement the EVO II series. Meet EXOLANDER © (patent-pending) and the D100 SPOTLIGHT. ? BLOG: EXOLANDER Payload System +...
  11. Eagle's Eye Photo

    3rd party charger cables for EVO II ?

    Have not found any so far online... any sources? If not... I know that the EVO II displays remaining battery power in minutes... so how many minutes remaining to land, with the goal being to come close to storage voltage?
  12. D

    Abandon Raging Waters/Seven Peaks Salt Lake Water Park Cinetamatic Video

    Here is a video I shot with my Evo II of the Abandon Raging Waters/Seven Peaks Salt Lake Water Park which is not owned by the city of Salt Lake City. I talk about the water park a little bit but then get into the symptomatic video of the different shots I got on my EVO II.
  13. E

    Are you Happy?

    I am a Mavic 2 Pro owner and am pretty happy with it. DJI has serviced it very well whenever I've had any issues. However, the EVO II Pro caught my eye last year when it was announced and I am very tempted by the optical zoom, lack of restrictions and the long battery life. I have a several...