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evo ii

  1. O

    EVO II Pro won't fly after firmware update

    Hello Group! I'm new to the Autel Pilots group and brand new to drones (old school videographer). So, I just got my EVO II yesterday and already there are issues. First I can't use my old LG Aristo 2 Android phone to run the app, (Autel Tech support says NO!) it won't connect to the...
  2. advexure

    D100 Spotlight & EXOLANDER Payload Mounting Platform for EVO II

    It's been a long time coming, but the Advexure Team in partnership with Autel and Foxfury Lighting Solutions are excited to announce two new and exciting products to complement the EVO II series. Meet EXOLANDER © (patent-pending) and the D100 SPOTLIGHT. ? BLOG: EXOLANDER Payload System +...
  3. Eagle's Eye Photo

    3rd party charger cables for EVO II ?

    Have not found any so far online... any sources? If not... I know that the EVO II displays remaining battery power in minutes... so how many minutes remaining to land, with the goal being to come close to storage voltage?
  4. D

    Abandon Raging Waters/Seven Peaks Salt Lake Water Park Cinetamatic Video

    Here is a video I shot with my Evo II of the Abandon Raging Waters/Seven Peaks Salt Lake Water Park which is not owned by the city of Salt Lake City. I talk about the water park a little bit but then get into the symptomatic video of the different shots I got on my EVO II.
  5. E

    Are you Happy?

    I am a Mavic 2 Pro owner and am pretty happy with it. DJI has serviced it very well whenever I've had any issues. However, the EVO II Pro caught my eye last year when it was announced and I am very tempted by the optical zoom, lack of restrictions and the long battery life. I have a several...