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  1. U

    RID (Remote ID) add-on module in Europe for older aircraft (EVO 1 and EVO 2 V1 or V2)

    Question to all pilots flying Autel's or other drones in European airspace: Does anyone have some news or need to know information about adding RID to older aircrafts? I think many of us that own one or more older drones and have invested quite some $, £ or € in peripheral hardware would like...
  2. C

    Searching to buy Autel evo 2 pro

    Hi! Im on the look for a evo 2 pro. I live in Europe, so would be best if the seller did too. Not paying for anything over $1500. And I only pay through paypal to prevent scammers. Send me a message!
  3. YuKay

    Autel Europe poll

    The number of people in Europe who have already accepted the extra cost and risk of privately importing an EVO is pretty impressive, judging by the quantity of European posters here. Hopefully that will encourage Autel to expand into Europe soon, but which country should they choose for their...
  4. DroneDriver

    Proposed New Rules for European Drones

    EASA [Europe's equivalent to FAA] is introducing regulatory framework for UAVs. http://rpas-regulations.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/EASA_NPA-2017-05A_170505_TR.pdf