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  1. Eric Kranich

    Communauté Francophone d'utilisateur de Drone EVO AUTEL ROBOTICS

    Bonjour, je crée ce post afin que la communauté francophone puisse plus facilement échanger leurs expériences d'utilisations des Drones EVO AUTEL ROBOTICS.
  2. Apollo11capcom

    SOLD! :( final price. Autel Evo Package Deal

    SOLD! :( Reduced, final price... For sale: Autel Evo with lots of extras! This drone is an absolutely fantastic, reliable piece of engineering that I'd like to hang on to, but I have to finance the purchase of another camera for another drone. If you're going to buy one new, remember you're...
  3. joshmentele

    Trade: Mavic Pro for Autel Evo

    Would anyone be interested in trading an Evo for my Mavic Pro with 2 batteries? Thanks Edit: No longer available.
  4. T

    Free Evo Body

    I have a spare evo body for free, whoever wants it. My controller failed and Autel replaced the entire drone, so I thought someone might want my spare body as I won't be using it. It is new, never flown. It will come with the aircraft body only. I will ship it to you, I just need your address.
  5. A

    Forced to sell my X-Star Premium early this year.

    Hi, sorry I haven't been on here recently, but I was busy with other things and had to sell my X-Star Premium, the orange model back in February to help family out with bills, I aqquired that drone mostly from stuff I sold on Ebay and reward sites combined, I will have to sign up to be proof...
  6. joshmentele

    Parrot Bebop 3

    Looks like autel is going to have some more competition: IT’S COMING
  7. chris010572

    AUTEL Accessories FOR SALE - 3 Batteries & 1 Charger - ITELITE dbs range extender

    --------------------------------------- 1ST ITEM FOR SALE --------------------------------------- Accessories to fit the Autel X Star & X Star Premium models. * 3 Autel batteries * 1 Autel charger * 2 original battery boxes * Carry case These are OEM Autel brand items in excellent condition...
  8. joshmentele

    CES 2018

    Autel just released this new video for CES 2018. At the end they tease the outline of a new drone. Looks pretty cool!!!
  9. A

    Hi from Chesnee S.C.

    Hi, I'm new here, I currently have a X Star premium on my wishlist on Amazon.com, the orange one to be exact, I chose this drone because of the terrible reviews about the Phantom 4 and the updates, The X-Star would be great if it came in other colors like Seafoam, Aqua Blue, and numerous other...
  10. joshmentele

    Sold: Autel X-Star Premium

    I have for sale another Autel X-Star premium. This one is in pristine condition as I just had the shell replaced. There is only one problem: a piece of plastic is chipped in the battery bay. It doesn't affect the drone at all. A picture is attached showing the damage. Included with the drone...
  11. Delta Blue

    One of the Best Five Drones

    I don't know if this has been shared here yet, but it was nice to see that the X-Star is called one of the best five drones a person can buy:
  12. Delta Blue

    Colorado Monument Panoramic

    I flew about 300 feet AGL and created a stitched image from my flight, just north of the Monument.
  13. Jason Hall

    Hello From Cuenca, Ecuador

    Hello everyone, I'm originally from San Francisco, California, but I've lived in Ecuador for about 15 years. I love all things RC and I have a YouTube channel dedicated to the RC hobby called "The RC Cave" The X-Star is my first real GPS drone and I've had a blast flying it (I've done some RC...
  14. Delta Blue

    Autel in Top Photo Drone Manufacturers List

    I saw this article and thought other Autel owners would be happy to see that Autel is listed in it as one of the top photography drone manufacturers in the business, which seems like a real achievement knowing how crowded the field is: Photography Drones Market, Top manufacturer's - DJI, Autel...
  15. Delta Blue

    The Coming UTM System

    I benefited from reading this article about the push to create the UAS Traffic Management System that we may be encountering in the next few years, being developed and tested by NASA, that will organize the way the FAA works with local governments and civil rights, and others may benefit as...
  16. Mr $panky

    breaking all the rules! learning to fly O_o

    still learning to fly the thing yes I know I suck ... enjoy the landscape... for just above the tree tops works well and ND filters!!! I don't like the flare cant really fly towards the sun with out tear flare be nice if it was more symmetrical or filmic look ,watch how I make the yaw work for...
  17. Delta Blue

    Fun at Pop Warner

    I was flying near a Pop Warner Football park so I had a bit of fun there with the X-Star. All settings on auto.
  18. digital4narchy

    Kestrel...Amazing Autel VTOL

    Is this coming to the consumer market? I'd be willing to throw down for one of these bad boys. https://www.autelrobotics.com/kestrel
  19. M

    Orbit Mode Small Catholic Church

    I've found the Orbit mode to be extremely easy to use in congested areas as long as the x-star clears the highest obstacle. Orbit mode frees up my hands to control the gimbal and camera settings. I usually like to use ground b-roll to add interest to most scenes. Mike Jensen Jensen Films...