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  1. E

    Evo 1 Random Connectivity to Controller

    My Evo 1 continues to work flawlessly except for one specific issue that recently began, as follows: Cold start and controller connects to drone and no issue (takes flight). Use 3 batteries consecutively without turning off controller (about 75 min flight time). Turn off controller and install...
  2. micahmesser

    No Live Display on Controller or App

    Hello, I just purchased the EVO II Pro direct from Autel. I received it yesterday, followed the instructions, downloaded the latest Autel Explorer V2 app, and charged everything up. I connected my phone to the controller, turned on the controller and then the drone. I was able to control...
  3. N

    Can't connect a controller

    Hello all, I've had an issue with my 640t V2 smart controller and it is currently on its way to get fixed. I have tried to connect a "normal" controller with no success. The controller shows matching and the drone pairing light is flashing but nothing happens. I use the drone for work...
  4. S

    It's ALIENTECH new design for the Autel Lite+ and it's great.

  5. Btaylor9301

    Everything but the bird

    My X-Star Premium made a super fast landing.... crash. I am selling everything but the bird. One of the batteries is almost brand new (2017 Christmas Present). - Case - Charger - Controller - Gimbal parts - Prop wrench - Older battery, holds full charge
  6. Goldenjet50

    Controller Calibration

    When I go through the controller calibration, it does not show completed as in the guide, nor does it beep when you hold it at the end-point of each control stick setting. Just wondering if I actually calibrated it or not. It does NOT indicate that calibration is required .... nor did it ever.