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  1. T

    Faster Charging for Nano/Nano+, in-the-field charging, higher current PD modes.

    Does the Autel Nano+ charger use PD (Power Delivery) or QuickCharge protocol? It looks like the wall adapter is supporting USB PD 2.0 1.0. The small print (through magnifying glass) says: Output USB-C 5.0v=3.0A, 9.0v=3.0A, 12.0v=2.5A 30.0W USB-A 5.0v=3.0A, 9.0V=2.0A, 12.0v=1.5A 18.0W I've...
  2. T

    iPhone charging problem

    I have a problem with my evo lite +, when I connect lighting cable from my iPhone, my phone start charging, then Remote controller make beep and phone charging is off. All other services work perfectly, but my phone is not charging. How I can solve this problem?
  3. L

    Evo II Pro controller just crapped out!

    Hi, I'm a part-107 in the Boston area and I've been very happy with my switch to Autel (bought the Evo II Pro Rugged bundle and LiveDeck from B&H Photo in October). Yesterday, I went to charge the batteries (inc. remote, which was charged to 38% at the time). I glanced at the charging...
  4. Satans-MIlkman

    Best way to charge your LIPO batteries for Autel EVO 2 Pro

    What is the best practice for charging LIPO batteries for the EVO2 Pro? I see many people selling flame proof bags. I can not see how people would possibly charge the batteries in the bag to prevent a possible explosion or burnout. What are the bags really helpful for other than storage? Sounds...