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  1. L

    Evo II Pro controller just crapped out!

    Hi, I'm a part-107 in the Boston area and I've been very happy with my switch to Autel (bought the Evo II Pro Rugged bundle and LiveDeck from B&H Photo in October). Yesterday, I went to charge the batteries (inc. remote, which was charged to 38% at the time). I glanced at the charging...
  2. Satans-MIlkman

    Best way to charge your LIPO batteries for Autel EVO 2 Pro

    What is the best practice for charging LIPO batteries for the EVO2 Pro? I see many people selling flame proof bags. I can not see how people would possibly charge the batteries in the bag to prevent a possible explosion or burnout. What are the bags really helpful for other than storage? Sounds...