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camera settings

  1. D

    Camera focus and sharpness.

    Now that I am familiar with flying the drone though, I'm finding that I am not that happy with the camera. I have seen footage recently from a Mavic Pro 2 and in my case the Mavic looks better. I am going to try some adjustments to the camera to see if the look can be improved. Today I recorded...
  2. wernerjb

    Pix numbering with XSP

    I only shoot stills with my XSP and change the card after every flight just to be sure to have at least the shots safe which I took before going on to the next flight. However, when inserting the new card the files names start again with 1 - like MAX0001.dng. So coming back to the computer I...
  3. brian bwin

    Tandem X-Star Flight

    So DroneDriver and I met up on Saturday for some fun! His Premium has prop guards and my WiFi is without. Both were fitted with ND8 filters, mine polarizing but didn't seem to make any difference in the footage. 2.7k 60P, WB: Sunny, Picture: Landscape, Color: None. Video edited and rendered...