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battery repair

  1. S

    Using phantom 3 batteries in x-star

    Hi, I have been trying to get my x-star off the ground now for the last 6 months. I cant believe we cant get batteries even a generic replacement from somewhere. Doesnt someone know which chinese factory made these in the first place and we put an order in, in bulk! Anyway I got a phantom 3...
  2. R

    Battery repair

    I have a friend of mine just fixed my 2 batteries they took the charge and we will be flying tomorrow. If it works he is going to charge me 50.00 each. I figured what the hell all I have is a paper weight now. I will keep everyone posted.
  3. Aerial Drone Architect

    X-Star Battery Rebuild?

    Has anyone done a battery rebuild on the X-Star batteries? I am staring to do a rebuild and did not see much on here that anyone has done this.