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autel evo

  1. J

    Old Newbie Intro

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m a 49 year old father/grandfather that’s been a project manager/Civil Engineer in the underground utilities area in the Pennsylvania/New York area. 7 years ago I decided to move south and ended up here in Tampa Florida to get away from the cold! As a child...
  2. Beauknows481

    New to forum. Autel owner since April 2021.

    After almost 5 years and 7 DJI drones, I purchased an Evo II Pro last April and I'm extremely happy with the decision.
  3. E

    Autel EVO 1 Original Rugged Case Parts for Sale Toronto

    I lost my new drone shortly after purchase and have the following for sale. 1) GPC Rugged Bundle Go Pro Case for sale 2) 2 Batteries 3) Quad battery charger 4) Remote 5) Car Charger (still in package and never used) 6) Freewill ND filters (never used) 7) Charger and other cables 8) Decals All...
  4. EVO_Trimmed_Demo and basic intro to EVO R/C

    EVO_Trimmed_Demo and basic intro to EVO R/C

    Demo on the dedicated functionality that is utilized by just using the R/C by itself without any assistance from external sources, Such as a PC/Mobile Phone/ Tablet, etc... Very intuitive once you get the hang of it, and I had to cut lots out due to the restrictive file size you can upload.
  5. Avinash69

    Autel Live Deck Ethernet update

    Hi, I am an Autel Live deck and an Autel Evo owner.I bought the live deck a few months ago...I saw that they have HDMI, USB and Ethernet outputs. I used the USB and HDMI ports and it worked flawlessly. Then I tried to connect the Ethernet to a computer but I realized that the software and the...
  6. P

    Autel Evo in excellent condition $650 “SOLD”

    This drone is in great condition, as you can see it has a wrap on it still looks like new under the wrap, everything it came with is all still there, comes with a case too. $650 buyer pays shipping any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
  7. NewZona Rides

    Editing Autel Evo Video Using LUTS

    Learn with me how to use luts for the first time.
  8. NewZona Rides

    First Flight Of The Season- Autel Robotics Evo- 4K

    First time filming in LOG and using LUTS. I will get better at it as I go. My buddy Dale and I head out to test the Autel Robotics Evo for the first time this season. We needed to make sure it was good to go for some upcoming trips.
  9. Mbarrington2

    evo battery problem

  10. MAX_0030_THM.MP4


    100 ft. cam zoom test.
  11. MAX_0031_THM.MP4


    color function
  12. MAX_0039_THM.MP4


    zoom and color shift functions
  13. F

    EVO for sale

    Hi all. I've got a near new EVO for sale. If I had to guess, it's probably got around 20-25 flights on it. Looks and acts as new. Has the latest firmware, EXTRA battery and the original bag included at the EVO launch. Selling it for personal reasons completely outside of any quality...
  14. Mbarrington2

    Evo and mavic pro side by side

    side by side at the same time, same altitude, same filter, same settings
  15. W

    IOS App is available on request

    If you want the ios app all you need is to send Autel a message with the serial number of your drone and your apple ID email and they will send you a private link to download the beta! It works great for me!
  16. W

    Horizon Tilt FIX!

    Looks like we are nearing the update everyone was hoping for! A horizon tilt fix!