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autel evo

  1. Mbarrington2

    evo battery problem

  2. MAX_0030_THM.MP4


    100 ft. cam zoom test.
  3. MAX_0031_THM.MP4


    color function
  4. MAX_0039_THM.MP4


    zoom and color shift functions
  5. X

    Autel Evo any recommendations for fpv? Or VR?

    Hi all, This is my first question on this form.i have an autel Evo and I'm looking for a fpv(first person view) I believe this is what it's called or a virtual reality head set.. my main goal is best possible resolution and hopefully almost zero lag. If any suggestions or anyone has used any...
  6. F

    EVO for sale

    Hi all. I've got a near new EVO for sale. If I had to guess, it's probably got around 20-25 flights on it. Looks and acts as new. Has the latest firmware, EXTRA battery and the original bag included at the EVO launch. Selling it for personal reasons completely outside of any quality...
  7. Mbarrington2

    Evo and mavic pro side by side

    side by side at the same time, same altitude, same filter, same settings
  8. W

    IOS App is available on request

    If you want the ios app all you need is to send Autel a message with the serial number of your drone and your apple ID email and they will send you a private link to download the beta! It works great for me!
  9. W

    Horizon Tilt FIX!

    Looks like we are nearing the update everyone was hoping for! A horizon tilt fix!