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  1. TN Drone Services

    Evo II V1/V2 Thermal Incompatibility

    We recently purchased a V2 Dual 640T drone. The intention was to take the gimbal from the V2 and put it on one of our V1 bodies to use with the live deck. While the V1 6K gimbals work without issue on the V2, the 640T results in a grayish/blackish video feed. The controls show, the serials and...
  2. N

    640T V3 8k mapping?

    Hello, Is it not possible to perform a 8k mapping mission with the 640T V3? In the explorer app the max resolution I can set for a RGB mapping mission is 4096x3072 whereas the max resolution possible for a manual flight is 8192x6144. Is it possible to get around this restriction? Thanks
  3. TN Drone Services

    NEED MET (WANTED: used 640T v1/v2 gimbal or drone)

    NEED MET Just message me here or post here if you have one and what you will take for one.Thanks!
  4. N

    Can't connect a controller

    Hello all, I've had an issue with my 640t V2 smart controller and it is currently on its way to get fixed. I have tried to connect a "normal" controller with no success. The controller shows matching and the drone pairing light is flashing but nothing happens. I use the drone for work...
  5. agrofactory

    Are these images files technically useful?

    Hello everyone, As you already know, the utility that Autel provides for viewing the 640T thermal images is terrible. So I've calculated the relationship between the TIFF images and the values that the IRPC tool can export (csv) in order to get a TIFF file with the temperature values stored in...
  6. cakers900

    Dual 640T V2 payload on V3 Evo II Enterprise V3

    Does anyone know if the 640T v2 payload will work on a V3 Evo II Enterprise? Thanks in advance. C-
  7. G

    About to buy an EFO II 640T. Should I wait for V3

    Hi all, I don't actually own an Autel drone yet, I've discovered I'm going to need a thermal drone and I think the Evo II 640T is my pick. Question is, do I wait for the V3's? I can't seem to find any info on how long they'll be. There's a comment on this forum suggesting they could be quite a...
  8. Volatus Drones

    30 Days of EVO II Sale Starts Now!

    Save up to $500 on Autel's most popular EVO II Bundles! Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K Rugged Bundle $2500 $2250 Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K Enterprise Bundle $4250 $3825 Autel Robotics EVO II 640T Rugged Bundle $7400 $6900 Autel Robotics EVO II 640T Enterprise Bundle $9200 $8700 As always...
  9. A

    SOLD !!!!! 640T Dual Thermal Camera $4500

    SOLD !!!! ONLY US$4500 640T Dual Thermal Camera (Radiometric - InfiRay) for Autel EVO II Drone as Good as New, almost never used Dual Thermal Radiometric Resolutions up to 640x512 and 8K sensor