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XstarP "blackbox" data


Feb 15, 2017
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I get the session data using the Xstar micro usb (the one on the nose, ie not the gimbel one). The DL of this .bin data goes to one of my USB thumb drives. "Xstar log viewer" is used to decode the session. Question:

probably >50% of my sessions have zero data. The remainder have the desirable pre & post doc + the lengthy .bin and notably, all read very well thanks to "Xstar log viewer" and its author.

You must of course have the "bird" lit up along with the controller and in my case Nexus7. Win10 is the operating system on a dual quad DT.

What am I doing or not? TIA!

A lot of mine where empty also. I had asked the author of the Xstar log viewer that very ame question but never got a answer. I might have had something to do with all the app releases lately
Not sure.
Unfortunately, I don't know what causes the bin files to become empty, I have also seen this before. I was under the impression it was the way I shut it down in that run. I also was not able to determine what causes the session to re-number. I posed this question to Autel in the past but they were also not able to provide any info at the time.
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Thanks Shlap for the reply. Autel keeps hinting there will be better ways of getting the telemetry data in up coming firmware\apps. Like find my X-star option in upcoming apps. If this is true it should be a interesting year.

Thank you for the input. Each session is like "all or nothing". So many variables and not even one to suspect makes this a devil to diagnose.
Perhaps someone will hop in with the answer?

Funny part is I researched the option to download telemetry files when I first got my X-Star and thats how I found Xstar log viewer. I had about 5 or 6 flights in and downloaded the files. When checking out what I downloaded there was no telemetry data to be had.
It wasn't till after about 20 or so flights i started to get data. Every flight since then has recorded but l do have to search folders for it. Good thing it is time stamped with the right date :)

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