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THANK YOU DronePilots.zone for this forum service


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Aug 25, 2019
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Just South of the North Pole
I will begin by saying I've followed thousands of posts across the many brand names of drone makers over on RCGroups.com forums in the past five+ years doing my due diligence and research before settling on my first "pro" level drone to compliment my video projects and hobbies. Actually I wish I could have those hundreds of hours of my life back. :mad:
I finally made my purchase of an EVO at the beginning of August and wanted to find a dedicated "home" to fit this new chapter of a long and diversified life so far. The Autel EVO board at RCGroups seemed to be a suitable and appropriate place to start as a participant. But as I quickly found out, as was the case for every quad board that was not a DJI board, it was overrun by DJI fan boys ripping, ragging, and ridiculing whatever brand that board was suppose to be about.

I was determined to hopefully tough it out. It was a discouraging ordeal to say the least. Then one commenter mentioned "other boards" and the name autelpilots.com. After just one evening of browsing through THIS board I packed my 'bags' and moved to my new home.

I've been a webmaster since 1995 when the world was just transitioning from text only Internet pages to content with actual images. So I know how much work a site is and how much work and discipline is necessary to maintain a successful forum and keep it valuable to its members.

I must tip my hat to the folks behind DronePilots.zone that have created and maintain this network of drone forums. Its a great idea and quite fitting for growing with the changes in technology that we all have yet to even imagine.

Secondly, and specifically to this Autel forum, I want to give a nod to the two Moderators on the board, Ansia and Agustine. Whether it is because of an 'iron hand' ;) or just the fact that those who have contaminated and destroyed the value of those other forums realize they would not exist for long if they want to bring their garbage here, I must say keep up the good work.

Lastly, I realize there are a great many (all?) forum members that own several brands of drones besides an Autel bird. I can't imagine anyone not fitting that description if you love droning, myself included. So MY HAT IS OFF to all those who respect the purpose of each of the DronePilots forums and focus on allowing each of those boards to "be all they can be" for those members.

I will continue to be a contributor whenever I can offer some advice or expertise or personal experience to members as well as one who looks forward to learning from others more knowledgeable than I on a subject.

Happy & Safe Flying!

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